SURA Peru helps to further the nation´s cultural heritage

​ For SURA encouraging artistic and cultural activities and endeavors is important for preserving a nation´s identity and disseminating its cultural heritage amongst the very same communities that have built and transformed each of the Latin American countries where the company operates. A good example of this are the projects that are underway in Peru, with the aim of allowing the public to appreciate the more representative artistic expressions in this part of the world. Intégrate and the alliance with MALI (the Lima Art Museum) are just two of the programs that have been carried out over recent years. In this way, the Company has managed to highlight and encourage people to participate in social and artistic activities, thus allowing them to "own" Peru´s cultural heritage, while at the same time reconstruct the country´s folklore; they are thus able to better understand their own backgrounds and dynamics from today's perspective while receiving the information needed to play an active, reflective and critical role in the country´s decisions and social endeavors.   The Intégrate program Sponsored by AFP Integra (a SURA subsidiary), this program is aimed at pensioners who are given the opportunity to meet and share their knowledge of the different cultures, traditions and customs in Peru in the form of theater workshops , laughter therapy, lectures, round tables, dance classes, volunteer work, among other activities addressing the more typical features of Peruvian culture. Already 410 people have formed part of this program, one of the prime objectives of which is to reassess their role in Peru´s social, economic and cultural dynamics. One of the program´s activities is a story-telling contest "My Grandson and Me. Bridging the Generation Gap with SURA". A total of 851 people nationwide participated in this contest, entertaining us with original stories revolving around the common theme of intergenerational family relationships. This program has been praised by the Peruvian Ministry for Women , for promoting a culture of appreciation and respect for what the elderly have to offer. Alliance with MALI (Lima Art Museum) Through this program, AFP Integra´s fund members and pensioners are able to go back more than 3,000 years in time, thanks to the valuable pieces showcased in the Lima Art Museum (MALI) and its Pre-Columbian, colonial, republican, modern, textile, photographic, silversmith and drawing exhibition halls. This partnership was formed 5 years ago between SURA Peru, AFP Integra and the Lima Art Museum for the purpose of encouraging and disseminating Peru´s cultural heritage. "We believe that these partnerships are a great opportunity for extending Peru's cultural heritage while providing educational and entertaining activities for our fund members and pensioners" stated  Aldo Ferrini, Deputy General Manager of AFP Integra . Similarly,  SURA and the Lima Art Museum got together three years ago to compile and publish books on the contemporary and modern art showcased by the Lima Art Museum, providing an overview of the country´s  cultural development at a key moment in its history. These books include: Modern Art. The Lima Art Museum Collection: this offers an extensive and representative selection of the pieces of twentieth century art that the Lima Art Museum has been showing since it was first founded in 1954.  The selected works offer a new perspective of the last century and includes a historic summary of the country´s decorative and photographic arts. It also includes an illustrated time line and the work of prominent curators and researchers. Republican Art. The Lima Art Museum Collection: this book provides an overview of Peruvian art , ranging from the pre-Columbian period to the present. The Lima Art Museum´s republican art collection is considered to be one of the most comprehensive in the entire region. ​Contemporary Art. The Lima Art Museum Collection: the book offers a comprehensive view of the diversity and richness of contemporary art in Peru.   In addition to both of these programs, other activities have been staged with the aim of strengthening cultural heritage on a regional level, such as the book donation campaign, with more than 600 books collected and enjoyed once again, thus encouraging a love of literature and learning, Similarly, our Cultural Trips project is providing children and youngsters with the opportunity of going on guided tours of museums as well visits to famous tourist sites, such as the Museum of Congress and Inquisition, the Park of Imagination or the Government Palace  so that they may appreciate more the diverse history that Peru has to offer. One of SURA's objectives in Peru as well as other Latin American countries is to get people to "own" their artistic and cultural heritage through different activities, thus enabling them to interact and learn more about their country.