SURA participates in COP 25 to discuss the role of the financial sector in the face of climate change

  • Grupo SURA and our subsidiaries Suramericana and SURA Asset Management will share experience in contributing to climate change mitigation and adaptation.
  • One of the objectives of COP 25 is to promote and redirect capital flows to finance initiatives that foster a low carbon economy.
  • It will be the opportunity to know, reference and evaluate practices in topics such as responsible investment, innovation, sustainable mobility, which drive business transformation.


For the first time, Grupo SURA and our subsidiaries Suramericana and SURA Asset Management are linked to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 25), the main global scenario to make articulated decisions and undertake joint solutions in reducing emissions and others actions to face the effects derived from the increase in the average temperature of the planet.

Why did SURA decide to join this event? Because there is a global consensus on the importance of the financial services sector in mobilizing capital that facilitates the transition to an economy less dependent on fossil fuels and in the development of instruments, products and solutions that improve people's quality of life and sustainability. of companies, against climatic risks.

“We are aware of the urgency of seeking global solutions to face the effects of climate change. That is why the discussions at COP 25 are relevant and contribute to the role that people, institutions and companies have in dealing with this problem. At this summit we want to contribute knowledge, experience and sustainable business models and our practices in managing trends and risks, as well as learn from other initiatives, ”said David Bojanini, President of Grupo SURA.

Grupo SURA will present in the Colombia Pavilion the relevance of the financial sector in the face of climate change and the risks that it represents, while its subsidiaries will participate in the Sustainable Innovation Forum, organized by the non-governmental organization Climate Actión:

  • SURA Asset Management will share its experience in incorporating environmental, social and governance criteria (ASG) in the investment decisions of its own portfolios and third parties, as experts in asset management.

  • Suramericana will address in an expert panel its experience in the development of insurance solutions for sustainable mobility and from its Geosciences unit, in the analysis of trends and risks associated with natural phenomena.

Regarding the participation in COP 25, these are some of the initiatives that are being carried out by the Companies that are the strategic focus of Grupo SURA's portfolio:

  • SURA Asset Management: last November signed the Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI), which extends the analysis of investment decisions to non-financial matters. In the last year they made portfolio investments, meeting ASG criteria, which added USD 5,738 million.

  • Suramericana: it has developed solutions such as energy efficiency, which stimulates energy saving projects; wind and solar energy, which covers damage in generation projects of this type; and from solutions in mobility the use of alternative means of transport and changes of habits in the drivers is stimulated.

  • Bancolombia: it had a recent issuance of sustainable bonds for COP 657,000 million to finance 26 environmental and social projects in Colombia, and Renting Colombia also advances in putting 1,000 electric trucks in circulation in the country.

For the delegation of 22 employees of SURA and Bancolombia, COP 25 is the opportunity to learn from other experiences, to establish relationships with entities and companies that are also committed to sustainable development, to evaluate in which aspects to improve in the face of management facing the environment and interest groups, and also identify more actions to strengthen the strategies of the Companies.