SURA is helping to drive the recovery of the Colombian economy having created more than 1400 new jobs so far this year

  • The Organization´s Companies across the country have obtained 1,684 new hires for filling vacated posts.
  • Out of a total of 3,116 jobs offered this year, 65% were filled by women and 58% by young people (under the age of 30).
  • To date, our Companies in Colombia have a total of 1,485 available positions in sales, administrative and business support functions.

In order to continue helping to drive the reactivation of the Colombia economy and ensure the financial health of a greater number of families, the Companies belonging to the Sura Business Group across the country created 1,432 new jobs between January and May of this year. This, in addition to hiring people to fill vacant positions, allowed us to offer the Colombian job market more than 3,100 work opportunities.

These new positions were created by Grupo SURA's corporate offices as well as its investments in Colombia namely. Suramericana, a subsidiary specializing in insurance as well as trend and risk management; Seguros SURA Colombia, Suramericana's insurance subsidiary in Colombia; SURA Asset Management, a subsidiary specializing in asset management, savings and investment; Protección, a pension and severance fund management firm; ARUS, an IT solutions subsidiary; and Hábitat, a provider of residential services for the elderly.

"Preserving and creating formal jobs not only allows us to help to revitalize the economy but more particularly it permits us to ensure the autonomy, financial health and well-being of thousands of private individuals and their families. That is why we are reaffirming Grupo SURA’s commitment and that of its different investee companies, in this case especially in Colombia, by providing new job opportunities that also add talent and capabilities to these same Companies ", stated Mónica Guarín, Grupo Sura´s Chief Human and Social Development Officer.

Some 65% of the total new hires in 2021, filling close to 2,000 vacancies, were filled by women, in a job market that has historically shown a bias to men: so much so that between the three-month period from February and April, the unemployment rate for women stood at 19.9% and for men 11.6%, according to the Colombia Statistics Bureau (DANE).

Furthermore, 58% of the jobs created by the SURA Companies in Colombia were assigned to approximately 1,800 young people under the age of 30, both men and women. This is also an important factor in the current context, since the youth unemployment rate rose to 23.1% during the three-month period from February to April, according to DANE, with 1.57 million unemployed young people.

The Organization's companies in Colombia currently have 1,485 vacancies available for carrying out sales, administrative and business support functions, work opportunities that people can apply to on the following job search web pages:

The most recent national survey carried out by Merco Talento, the results of which were issued on June 15, showed SURA and Protección leading in their respective sectors as being the companies that best attract and retain human talent, taking into account aspects such as job quality, employee benefits and internal reputation.