Our subsidiary SURA Asset Management is strengthening its Latin American investment business with SURA Investments

  • This milestone marks how much SURA AM's investment and asset management business has evolved together with its companies and lines of business, thereby reinforcing its regional presence in all 6 countries as well as its global reach.
  • This shall allow SURA AM to offer its financial products for individuals, companies and institutions, which together represent USD 18 billion in assets under management.
  • With a presence in Chile, Peru, Mexico Colombia, Uruguay and Argentina, this regional platform shall provide SURA AM´s clients with an expert, multi-segment and multi-geographic team of staff that number more than 1,200.

Faced with an increasingly volatile and challenging global market, SURA Asset Management has decided to consolidate its specialized investment management and advisory businesses into a single regional platform, in order to provide its clients with a comprehensive range of solutions and an increasingly efficient and specialized level of support. This is how SURA Investments has come into being, a Latin American investment platform offering its expert support in wealth and asset management for individuals, companies and institutions, this with a global reach.

The platform, which shall be present in Chile, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Uruguay and Argentina, together with its investment vehicles in the United States and Luxembourg, is supported by a team of more than 100 investment experts and 1,200 personnel, thereby reinforcing its range of products and solutions with more than 1,000 investment funds, either proprietary or through  third parties.

"This step in the development of our business will allow us to make three lines of business available to our customers: namely Wealth Management, Corporate Solutions and Investment Management, through which we shall be able to address their different needs and help them build up their financial well-being and attain their wealth goals," stated Pablo Sprenger, an executive with more than 10 years of experience at SURA Asset Management, who shall be taking over as CEO of SURA Investments.

He added that SURA Investments is already consolidating a  presence in Latin America thanks to an expert, multicultural investment team of staff having a global vision, along with  strategic alliances with world-class partners that are allowing SURA Investments´ access to global markets. "Having teams in each of the countries where we are present allows us to gain a deeper knowledge of the individual markets and, therefore, a more assertive interpretation of the context," he commented.

The line of business in Colombia shall be led by Esteban Lopez, Executive Director for Fiduciaria, Gestora & Cash Management at SURA Investments, who commented: "One of our focuses is to position ourselves as a leader in the investment management sector in Colombia. We have obtained very good results in the short term and we are envisioning a great opportunity for strengthening our wealth management, corporate and insurance lines of business. However, we need to go further in terms of an advisory model that really delivers solutions and products according to each individual client profile, while building long-term relationships with our clients".

This strategy combines more than 40 years of experience, a wide range of products, partnerships with top-tier asset managers and expert teams for managing the investments of individuals, institutions and companies.