SURA Asset Management, second place in the Design Value Award

Our Innovation Team from SURA Asset Management Mexico was the winner of the second place of the Design Value Award, awarded by the Design Management Institute (DMI).

This recognition is received by initiatives that use design (strategic, industrial and graphic), as a tool to generate economic, social and environmental value, and positive impact on the organizational culture. This year, more than 60 proposals were evaluated, of which 12 were recognized.

The initiative presented by our innovation team of SURA Asset Management, emerged in 2017 with the aim of positioning the Company as the most innovative in the asset management sector in Mexico, thus creating a culture of innovation in the company, with an impact at different levels of the organization

"It is a pride to receive this recognition, result of the effort and work of a great innovation team. Our Company bets and trusts that through innovation initiatives, we generate a difference and positive impact in the industry. We also endorse the commitment to offer our clients the best experiences and services, accompanying them at every stage of their lives, to meet their savings and investment goals, "said Raúl Gallego Müller, Innovation Director at SURA Asset Management Mexico.

As part of the recognized initiative, the Company carried out a series of key activities aimed at boosting innovation, including:

1. Own innovation methodology
With the collaboration of the employees, a methodology was developed based on the specific needs of the Company, taking into account the legal and regulatory requirements in Mexico.

2. Commitment to design, experimentation and innovation
The Company organized a series of creative talks for employees. During 2017 and 2018, more than 13 projects led by employees went to prototype and pilot phase, providing great experiences and learning.

In addition, the first annual innovation challenge of our subsidiary was launched, in which the participants used the innovation methodology of the organization to develop solutions related to new products, services or improvements.

On the other hand, this proposal allowed the creation of the SURA Acceleration Program, an open innovation platform to collaborate with new Mexican companies and develop new value propositions for clients. Under this initiative, more than 80 startups / scaleups were selected from four countries in Latin America. Through the phases of exploration, acceleration process and Demo Day, six startups were chosen that now have the opportunity to develop a product or receive investments from SURA.

3. Certification program
The collaborators could be trained as official facilitators of the innovation and design tools, contained in the methodology itself. The initiative has had a great positive impact on the internal culture of collaboration, empowering employees and transforming the way they interact.