SURA Asset Management, Protección, Ruta N and Comfama create fund for technology education in Colombia

  • SumanTI Educational Fund, as this alliance was called, will provide financing for courses related to robotics, artificial intelligence, Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, among others.
  • SumanTI will promote the specialization of the youth of Medellín (Colombia) in their own knowledge of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

  • With an investment of more than COP 3,000 billion, the four organizations will promote the knowledge required for the jobs of the future, in partnership with 12 educational institutions.

Our subsidiary SURA Asset Management, Protección, Ruta N, and Comfama presented SumanTI Educational Fund, which is consolidated as the largest fund of this type in Colombia, so that the youth of the city of Medellín can study educational programs related to the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In this way, it seeks to promote the adaptation of the city to the new world dynamics.

These organizations acting as articulating agents and dynamizers of integral development, create this financing fund in order to offer non-forgivable credits for those interested in receiving a directed and specialized training, and thus contribute to the transformation of the economic model of Medellín (Colombia ), because the goal is to move from a traditional economy to a knowledge economy.

SumanTI has 12 recognized allied institutions that will provide their respective students with the accreditation of more than 30 courses in different applied disciplines such as: Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Big Data, augmented reality, 3D printing, cryptocurrencies, Python language, data analytics, scrum master developer, PHP development, robotics, application processes, java script, HTML5, among other concepts.

“We must respond as a society to changes in the environment, including the transformation of the labor market. Technology, new generations and new business models, require different ways of thinking and managing. This is a challenge that we must take together and as a company we have that commitment, contributing to the city preparing to turn these changes into opportunities, driven by education. SumanTI is a concrete way to contribute to generating the capacities that Medellín requires in the current and future environment", said Ignacio Calle, president of our subsidiary SURA Asset Management.

In this way, courses will be taught in person, semi-face and virtual in the different institutions with an average duration of up to 12 months, including bootcamps, which are trainings with an intensive training modality to acquire a certain set of skills to be implemented in the labor market according to the technology ecosystem in the framework of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

“The new capabilities of today's youth are not yet incorporated in the industry and are necessary for the development and transformation of business and sustainability of the country, therefore, we believe that we must resignify the word experience and value these new talents, being enablers of their development and accompanying them in their training plan”, concludes Juan David Correa, president of Protección.

To achieve this transformation effectively, it is necessary to align the interests and possibilities of the private sector with the facilities and objectives of the public sector. This is feasible thanks to entities such as Ruta N, which works as an articulator of various actors with the objective of aligning the CTi ecosystem of Medellín (Colombia).

“Education is the most expeditious and enduring way to transform society, that is why, with this fund, we want to encourage the adoption of disruptive and useful educational programs among new generations that allow them to adapt to the labor changes brought by the Fourth Industrial Revolution”, explained David Escobar, director of Comfama.

In order for interested students to access this type of financing, they must meet the requirements of being of legal age, residing in the Medellín Metropolitan Area and submitting to one of the programs available in the fund related to technology areas. Likewise, applicants must complete the registration form through the Amis platform that is published in the portals of SURA, Protección, Comfama and Ruta N.

“From Ruta N we want to continue articulating each of the transformation processes towards a knowledge ecosystem. Generating integral development and enhancing people's capacities in the face of the challenges that the Fourth Industrial Revolution will bring is the objective of the SumanTI Fund, which allows access to specialized education in technology and innovation. With this alliance we create incentives for all young people to prepare and begin to consolidate a better future contributing to the development of the city”, said Alejandro Franco, director of Ruta N.

About SumanTI
We are a financing fund for the education of specialized talent that aims at the integral development of the inhabitants of the Aburrá Valley in the face of the challenges brought by the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Born from the joint effort between Ruta N, SURA Asset Management, Protección and Comfama to enable access to specialized education in technology and innovation. More information on the websites of each entity.