SURA and Laura Raffo, an alliance aimed at encouraging savings

​ Making the best saving decisions involves being able to gain a sense of the current economic performance and trends on a local, national and international level. This does not mean having to have completed advanced studies in economics but rather cultivating a grasp of the main concepts and keeping reasonably up to date on the more important facts and events affecting the economy. For this reason, since 2012 SURA Asset Management Uruguay has been working with the Uruguayan economist, teacher, journalist and company manager, Laura Raffo, on drawing up several different classroom and on-line training programs aimed at helping clients to understand the current situation on both the local and international markets . "The Uruguayan economy has become stagnant and people are eager to obtain information so as to be able to make better decisions on  both a personal and business level. In this way, and with a certain amount of consistency, we have been able to provide comprehensive outlooks on the global, regional and local economies, along with insights going forward; while at the same time analyzing the main macroeconomic variables and their impact on business and households alike" , explained Laura Raffo. A fine example of this was the conference titled "Economic Prospects for the world, the region and Uruguay," given recently in the city of Maldonado (Uruguay) in which Ms. Raffo presented an analysis of the country´s current situation, in terms of what is happening on an international level, in the context of a complex and uncertain economic landscape. Similarly, economic talks have been organized in Paysandu, Florida and Durazno, and conferences are scheduled in other parts of the country, with the aim of bringing the savings and investment products to the interior of Uruguay. "Thanks to this initiative, SURA Asset Management Uruguay is positioning itself as a company offering people much-needed economic and financial knowledge and in this way "democratize" access to savings. Laura is known for her straightforward explanations of economic issues and has been a key figure in this initiative,"​ stated Maria Elena Bonino, Head of Marketing and Corporate Responsibility of SURA Asset Management Uruguay. This alliance forms part of SURA´s corporate purpose of building long-term relationships by advancing best corporate practices, in this case in terms of information, training and opportunity thus allowing people, in the short, medium and long term, to make informed decisions that have a positive impact on their lives, their families and organizations so as to continue inspiring trust and creating added value.