Stock repurchases

Grupo de Inversiones Suramericana S.A. ("Grupo SURA") hereby reports that its General Assembly of Shareholders at its Ordinary Annual Meeting held today, authorized the repurchase of the Company’s own shares up to a maximum amount of three hundred billion pesos (COP $300,000,000,000) for a period of up to three years, as of today’s date. For this purpose, this amount shall be appropriated from the taxable component of the Occasional Reserve in order to set up a "Treasury Stock Reserve".

Likewise, the General Assembly of Shareholders delegated the Board of Directors with the task of defining the terms and conditions according to which these share repurchases shall be carried out, this including determining the manner in which this shall be accomplished, the number of shares and/or the amounts to be repurchased, and the opportunities to do so, within a maximum term of three years, the type of share to be repurchased (ordinary and/or preferred), establishing the repurchase price through a technically-recognized procedure, adopting mechanisms that ensure equal treatment for all shareholders and utmost transparency with the market, as well as the disposal of such shares, this in accordance with all applicable legislation.

These decisions shall be reported to the market through the Relevant Information mechanism provided by the Colombian Superintendency of Finance.

The Board of Directors may delegate to the Company's legal representative the task of defining the dates and the number of shares and/or amounts to be repurchased, this within the terms duly approved by the General Assembly of Shareholders. Furthermore, the Board of Directors may authorize the Company’s legal representative to perform all that required to complete these repurchase transactions.

Finally, the General Assembly of Shareholders authorized the Board of Directors to abstain in whole or in part from repurchasing the shares should there be no appropriate internal and market conditions to proceed with these transactions.