Signing of a Share Purchase Agreement – Suramericana Uruguay

Grupo SURA hereby announces that its subsidiary, Suramericana S.A., through its own subsidiary Suramericana Uruguay S.A., acting as buyer, has signed a share purchase agreement with various private individuals in its capacity as the seller, for acquiring the entire amount of shares, that is to say a 100% stake, in the share capital of the companies VINNYC S.A. and RUSSMAN S.A., for an approximate value of USD $1.4 million.

Grupo SURA shall hold an indirect stake in these newly acquired companies through its subsidiary Suramericana Uruguay S.A.

VINNYC S.A and RUSSMAN S.A. are companies domiciled in Montevideo, Uruguay, but are not insurance companies. Their economic activity consists of providing car insurance assistance services. Suramericana S.A. through these new companies, shall develop and structure assistance operations and services for its insurance clients in this part of the world.