Seguros SURA Panama promotes the competitiveness and sustainability of Panamanian SMEs

As a way to approach, converse and accompany the entrepreneurs who have taken the opportunity to develop their own business in Panama, Seguros SURA Panama made the discussion "Challenges and opportunities for the competitiveness of your business", a space in which national experts and internationals shared their knowledge about the economic and financial perspectives of the country and the region. In addition, they analyzed the alternatives for the challenges that entrepreneurs face today in the face of the market, competition and consumers, among others.

"At Seguros SURA we have a specialized team that analyzes the trends and risks of companies to advise them on how to anticipate market changes, meet consumers and how to build loyalty according to their behavior and interests. We work to know how to move from the concept of service to the delivery of experiences, the proper way to advance their administrative and financial management and knowledge of regulation. We also support them to find alternatives to attract and retain the right employees, and manage the best way to be competitive in a changing market", said Carolina Cuenca, vice president of Seguros SURA Panama.

In addition to offering entrepreneurs these spaces of conversation, Seguros SURA Panama activated a complete plan to accompany and advise SMEs in different challenges, such as human talent, consumer knowledge, digital presence and risk management, among others, to contribute to its competitiveness and continuity in the long term. For example, at the Marbella branch, entrepreneurs can count on an advisory space called Empresa SURA, so that while they have a coffee, conversations are shared based on the experiences of the entrepreneurs and the knowledge of the advisor, so that together can establish competitiveness strategies.

According to the director of Economic Research of the Bancolombia Group, Juan Pablo Espinoza, this year the economy of the country will begin to have a gradual recovery and its growth will be driven by investment and exports. He also stressed during his presentation that the boost of mining, stabilization of trade and construction will be key in the country's economic dynamics.

For their part, specialists and experts on the reality of SMEs, their needs and opportunities, such as Doriska Quezada (director of Empresas SURA), Nadjie Navarro (manager of the Pyme Segment of Banistmo), specialized consultants such as Arturo Arango and Luis Alberto Morán , as well as Carolina Cuenca, vice president of Seguros SURA Panama, highlighted four fundamental challenges faced by SMEs: human talent, consumer knowledge, digital presence and risk management.

"To have competitiveness and continuity in the business, it is very important to attract and retain the best employees, because happy employees make competitive companies. The environment is changing and we must anticipate and manage the risks, not only the operational ones but also the strategic ones. The digital presence is one of the challenges of entrepreneurs, however, it is important to know how we can take advantage of the best way, in what channels, with what messages and how often these possibilities, according to our reality", concluded Doriska Quezada, director of Empresa SURA.