Seguros SURA Colombia will make investments for COP 155 billion and expects to increase its operating income by 15% in 2019

  • The Company contemplates investing in issues such as market development, modernization of processes and infrastructure improvements for clients and affiliates.
  • Seguros SURA Colombia advances strategic projects that its main lines of business in Life, General, Health and service provision, with the goal of reaching this year COP 11.9 billion in revenue.
  • The Company also increased its unique clients by 14% during the last year and reported solid growth, driven by the 5% increase in written premiums and expense control.
  • Social and environmental management are fundamental in the development of the strategy and the Company's commitment to the country and its stakeholders.

Seguros SURA Colombia this year contemplates investments totaling COP 155 billion, especially in projects associated with the development of new markets, technological modernization, improving the competitiveness of advisors and guaranteeing quality infrastructure and services, in order to continue being relevant and creating value for people and companies.

Upon reaching 75 years of existence, the Company continues to expand the borders of the insurance industry and focuses its efforts on strengthening, leveraged in knowledge, innovation and emerging technologies, its comprehensive proposal of solutions and delivery of sustainable well-being and competitiveness for people and companies. Business. This is reflected in a growth of 14% in single clients in the last year, up to 10.7 million, by consolidating their lines of voluntary (Life and General) and mandatory (labor risks -ARL- and health -EPS-).

"This is a company that for 75 years has sought to evolve, respond to changes in the environment and anticipate to meet the needs and expectations of Colombian people and companies, a task that has most recently met through the management of trends and risks. That's why we develop initiatives that create more value for our clients, who seek to protect and accompany more Colombians, while allowing us to have sustainable growth in the long term", said Juan David Escobar, President of Seguros SURA Colombia.

For this reason, in 2019 Seguros SURA Colombia works on new projects, such as resignifying the health insurance model to transcend the care of the disease; deliver capabilities to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in different strategic fronts of their operation; promote safe mobility and generate skills and resilience with the support of data analytics, as well as generate solutions that accompany the life cycle of independent workers, among others.

With these plans in place and the development of its strategy, the Company intends to close this year with COP 11.9 billion of operating revenues, which add written premiums and service provision. This is a growth of 15% compared to COP 10.3 billion obtained in 2018, an annual growth of 5%. Accompanied by an expense control, it registered a net profit of COP 711 billion, an increase of 4% compared to 2017, in a challenging year due to external effects.

Also Seguros SURA Colombia seeks to consolidate aspects of human talent development in its more than 19 thousand employees, including employees and advisors, as well as accentuating its commitment to responsible social and environmental management, which reiterate its commitment to the country.

In terms of social management, the direct investment of the Company and the SURA Foundation totaled more than COP 23 billion, which, through 78 initiatives, benefited 390 thousand people and strengthened 48 organizations, mainly in the quality of education and promotion of art. and culture.

In terms of environmental management, invested in 2018 COP 7,124 million, which allowed the installation of solar panels for seven sites, led lighting for 17 buildings and technological renovation for 39 work centers, which represents a compensation of about 1,313 trees and a savings in carbon footprint equivalent to 3,482 tons of carbon dioxide (C02).

In the development of channels, there are also more steps towards omnichannel, with the potential of the digital channel for selling solutions: in the last year it served more than 260 thousand customers, and those who went directly to grew 140%, to add about 76 thousand customers.

Likewise, the emerging segment represents a great opportunity to increase the penetration of insurance, which at 2018 in Colombia was 2.86% of the gross domestic product (GDP), and thus respond to their needs for protection before the materialization of a risk. For this reason, the strategy of Corresponsales de Seguros already has 1,000 mobile and fixed partners, three active businesses and has a presence in 2,049 neighborhoods in Bogotá, Medellín and Barranquilla.

Finally, Seguros SURA Colombia is positioned as leader of its industry in the country, with a 23.2% share of a market that amounted to COP 27.3 billion at the end of 2018, and holds the first place in the Life segment (26.4%) and General (19.2%).