Ricardo Jaramillo Mejía shall take over as Grupo SURA’s Chief Executive Officer on May 1st, after Gonzalo Perez retires

  • Ricardo has served for the past 8 years as the Company's Chief Business Development and Corporate Finance Officer.
  • This decision took into account Senior Management´s succession policies and procedure, this as part of the Company's corporate governance.
  • The Board of Directors recognized and expressed their gratitude to Gonzalo Pérez for his handling of the Company and his historic contribution to SURA's growth as an organization.

Grupo SURA’s Board of Directors announced the appointment of Ricardo Jaramillo Mejía as the Company’s Chief Executive Officer, a position he shall assume as of May 1, thereby succeeding Gonzalo Pérez, who is due to retire on April 30 from the position he assumed four years ago, as part of his career in the Organization, which he joined in 1981.

Ricardo has led the Company's Business Development and Corporate Finance Department for the past 8 years, after a successful tenure as Chief Executive Officer of Bancolombia´s Investment Banking arm (Banca de Inversión Bancolombia) along with other positions he held during nearly 16 years with this Bank. He is currently a member of the Boards of Directors of SURA Asset Management, Suramericana, Arus, Grupo Argos, as well as the Superior Council of Universidad EIA along with the Boards of Trustees of the Medellín Philharmonic Orchestra and the Medellín Cultural Association.

"As a collegiate body, we, the Board of Directors, recognize the qualities of Ricardo Jaramillo Mejía, who with his leadership, experience and knowledge of our corporate culture shall contribute to the Company´s sustainable growth as well as to advancing our strategy in this new stage of focusing on the financial service sector in Latin America. We would like to reiterate our gratitude to Gonzalo Perez, for all his enthusiastic and unconditional efforts during more than 42 years of service to the SURA Business Group, while extending our very best wishes to him," stated Grupo SURA's Board of Directors.

Pursuant to the Company's Corporate Governance policies, this appointment complied with the succession procedure defined for Senior Management, which began in January 2023, but was subsequently suspended in order for Gonzalo Pérez to lead the implementation of Grupo SURA's commitments as part of the execution of the Framework Agreement, as requested by the Board of Directors in August 2023, when he resigned upon reaching the retirement age established in the Code of Good Governance.

Likewise, this procedure led by the Board of Directors sought to ensure that the competencies, knowledge and skills of the person appointed corresponded to the requirements of the position and Grupo SURA´s corporate culture, in order to continue leading its progress as an investment manager.

Nearing the end of his time with the Organization, Gonzalo Perez stated: “My gratitude goes out to Ricardo for having accompanied me during this period, my appreciation for his experience and knowledge of Grupo SURA, and for being a faithful reflection of the SURA culture, which undoubtedly shall guarantee his success at the helm of this Organization. I would also like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the people who have accompanied me during my professional career at SURA. It has indeed been a privilege to be part of the sustainable growth of this Company, based on its sound corporate culture, its proprietary knowledge and its way of doing business while firmly committed to its shareholders and society as a whole".

Ricardo assumes the leadership of Grupo SURA, whose strategic priorities include further developing the Company's ownership structure, focusing its investment portfolio on the financial service sector, continuing to create added value for its shareholders and drilling down on the Company's role as an investment manager committed to the societies and territories where it is present.

"I would like to thank the Board of Directors for their vote of confidence and I enthusiastically assume this responsibility with the objective of contributing to Grupo SURA's continued growth with a long-term vision and driving its sustainable profitability based on a portfolio of leading companies in Latin America. And with this responsibility in mind, we shall continue to work in the light of the principles that have guided SURA and the culture of an organization that has been built by thousands of people who have formed part of our corporate history now spanning nearly 80 years," stated Ricardo Jaramillo Mejía, Grupo SURA’s new Chief Executive Officer as of next May 1.

Finally, within the framework of the Company's corporate governance and pursuant to Senior Management’s succession plans, the Board of Directors shall begin the process of evaluating candidates to take over the position of Chief Business Development and Corporate Finance Officer.