Announcements published by the Company

Grupo de Inversiones Suramericana S.A. (Grupo SURA) hereby informs the market about a lawsuit relating to Grupo SURA's ability to exercise its voting rights in the upcoming Shareholders' Meetings of Grupo Nutresa S.A.:

  • Grupo SURA was notified by the Colombian Superintendency of Companies about a verbal proceeding filed by CAMPBELLTOWN S. de R.L. legally represented by Jaime Gilinski Bacal, against the companies Grupo Nutresa S.A., Grupo Argos S.A., Grupo SURA S.A., Inversiones y Construcciones Estratégicas S.A.S., and certain legal representatives of the last three (3) companies.
  • This lawsuit seeks, among other things, to declare null and void the votes cast by the legal representatives of Grupo SURA S.A., Inversiones y Construcciones Estratégicas S.A.S. and Grupo Argos S.A., for appointing the members of the Board of Directors of Grupo Nutresa S.A. that took place during the Shareholders´Meeting held on July 1, 2022.
  • The plaintiff has requested several precautionary measures to be taken regarding future meetings of Grupo Nutresa S.A., among these that the representatives of Grupo SURA abstain from voting in future shareholder meetings of Grupo Nutresa S.A., on matters relating to appointing a new Board of Directors of the aforementioned company, unless previously authorized by Grupo SURA´s General Assembly of Shareholders of .
  • To date, these precautionary measures have not been issued.
  • Grupo SURA has filed legal actions aimed at preserving the impartiality of the officer in charge and which has the effect of suspending the process.
  • Grupo SURA, its legal representatives and its external advisors are convinced that there are no circumstances that justify the requested precautionary measures to be taken and considers that there was no impediment for the Company´s legal representatives to exercise their right to vote.
  • Grupo SURA shall use the pertinent legal actions to safeguard its voting rights at Grupo Nutresa S.A’s upcoming Shareholders' meeting, this for the benefit of the Company and all its shareholders.