Announcements published by the Company

Grupo de Inversiones Suramericana S.A. (Grupo SURA) hereby informs the market of the following:

  • Today, the Colombian Superintendency of Finance requested Grupo SURA to confirm or deny, through the channel laid on for the purpose of providing relevant information, the news published this morning in which Grupo SURA is mentioned.
  • In response to such request, Grupo SURA reported that one of its executives attended the meeting referred to in the news item, which was held at the invitation of International Holding Company - IHC. The aforementioned visit formed part of a series of meetings held as part of the Company's ordinary course of business, with regard to handling its investor relations.
  • Grupo SURA’s executives are in permanent contact with current or potential investors in various parts of the world as well as in Colombia. This type of visit does not require any authorization from the Company’s corporate bodies.
  • Grupo SURA also reported that the Company did not request any tender offer from IHC
  • Grupo SURA was not contacted at any time by the media to confirm the veracity of the information that was transmitted.
  • As it has always done, Grupo SURA will immediately inform the market of any type of act or contract that is the subject of relevant information.