Public alert regarding the wrongful use of both the SURA brand as well as the names of the Companies belonging to our Organization.

Unscrupulous people are making wrongful use of both the SURA brand as well as the trade names of certain companies belonging to our Business Group, in (i) offering loans or credits on social networks without any backing whatsoever; (ii) inviting people to take part in employee recruitment processes in exchange for advance payments; and (iii) sending chat messages and e-mails specifying alleged legal charges against the SURA Companies, all of which are completely illegal and carried out for the purpose of defrauding third parties.

The persons and entities that are engaging in these practices have no relationship whatsoever with our Business Group. In fact, these illegal acts have been going on in 2020, particularly in Colombia, preying on the financing and employment needs of people in dire economic difficulties given the COVID-19 outbreak.

To accomplish their wrongdoing, these fraudsters impersonate trademarks and tamper with documents, certificates, along with virtual domains so as to be able to lend the appearance of truthfulness to their messages.

Consequently, we are appealing to the public to report to either the Attorney General's Office or the National Police, any illegal practice that may involve the fraudulent use of our brand, internet domains and the names of the companies belonging to the SURA Organization in defrauding both private individuals and companies.

We would also like to clarify that Grupo SURA (Grupo de Inversiones Suramericana) and its core companies including Suramericana, do not offer unrestricted purpose loans or any credit products, unless these exclusively apply to financing certain policies issued by Seguros SURA Colombia.

Likewise, under no circumstances do our SURA companies or their employees request money for recruiting new employees, either directly or through third persons. All the job offers we issue are published in the officially established and verified profiles of the Companies concerned.

If you should have any queries or concerns regarding any procedure or offer that may be associated with our SURA brand, please contact our toll-free, client care line 01 800 521 555 which operates 24 hours a day.

 Should you encounter any anomaly with any aspect of SURA’s employee recruitment process, please report this to us via the e-mail address or by phone (4) 444 19 40.

General recommendations:

  • Please do not provide any information via text messages, chats or social networks, if you have not verified beforehand that the recipient is in fact a SURA representative.
  • Please check the date on which the corresponding social network publication was created. Please check the type of followers and in what languages their names appear.
  • Please check that the social network accounts you use shows the "blue stamp", which indicates that these have been duly certified.
  • Please log onto the websites of our SURA Companies' websites for information regarding their official social network accounts.

Well-informed people are better protected