In its VI Edition, Jump Chile opens applications for entrepreneurs of higher education from Chile and Latin America

​ This year, awards totaling CLP$ 56 million will be allocated to the 12 best projects. Among the new additions, there is the "Desafío SURA" (SURA Challenge), which seeks to promote ideas focused on solutions in health, infrastructure, entertainment, transportation, work and mobility, among others which can improve the quality of life of people aged 60+.     Wednesday, June 7th, 2017. - The opening ceremony of the VI Edition of Jump Chile was held on Wednesday, June 7th. This is largest university entrepreneurship competition in the country sponsored by Centro de Innovación UC and organized jointly with SURA Asset Management Chile.  This initiative invites pre-graduate and post-graduate students from all educational institutions in the country and Latin America to " pegarse un salto " (jump at the chance) and start with an innovative business idea that solves real problems in their community. With five previous versions, more than 15,000 people from Chile and Latin America from 80 institutions of higher education, nearly 7,000 projects have applied for.  "Jump Chile is a real commitment to the country: commitment to innovation, development, entrepreneurship and support for young people who are curious," emphasized Ignacio Sánchez, Rector of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, remarking that innovation, transfer and entrepreneurship mean "dreaming of a better Chile that supports senior citizens, develops innovation in education so that children and young people of Chile can have a better future. Dreaming of social innovation, social entrepreneurship so that we take better care of ourselves and protect the dignity of all the inhabitants of our country."  Just the day before, the Rector acknowledged the program as one of the important initiatives of the University included in the book " Compromiso con Chile de la Universidad Católica ."   Jump Chile Methodology   Throughout September, October and November, Jump Chile will carry out methodological workshops in all 15 regions of the country, along with the short online videos focused on topics such as "Customer's journey", "Empathy with the customer/user", "Business model " "Minimum feasible product "and" The pitch", so that teams from other countries, and those who cannot access the workshops, can have something to work with. These workshops are based on various innovation and entrepreneurship methodologies, such as Lean StartUp, Customer Development, Design Thinking, Business Model and Need finding, among others.  "Jump Chile is the first link of an important chain that starts with the conception and continues with the development of a business model. This program taking place under the sponsorship of the Centro de Innovación UC allows these entrepreneurs to connect with many of the other aspects that we develop in the ecosystem of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. For example, the contact of Jump Chile participants with our partner companies and with the international network we have in other countries in Latin America, Europe and the world" said Conrad von Igel, director of the Centro de Innovación UC .   Desafío SURA   This year's additions include the incorporation of a new award: the Desafío SURA, which will reward the three most innovative projects seeking to foster solutions in health, infrastructure, entertainment, transportation, work and mobility, among others, which allow improving the quality of life of people aged 60+. This is under the premise that Chile's population is increasingly aging. The winners of Desafío SURA will be selected among the 30 semifinalists participating in the Jump Fest to be held in December. Three teams will be awarded CLP$ 2 million each as seed capital.  "By 2015, Chile had 2.9 million people aged 60+. By 2050, there will be 7.6 million people of that same age. We believe that there is a massive challenge in generating solutions that can improve the quality of life in this segment. So, this year we introduced the Desafío SURA because we want to motivate entrepreneurs to think of today's and tomorrow's senior citizens, said Francisco Murillo, CEO of SURA Asset Management Chile.   How to apply   Jump Chile applications 2017 will be open until August 23rd Applicants only need to have an idea that solves a significant problem and be a team of at least 2 students from a higher education institution.  The application form requests: an innovative name for the project, a clear description of the project, the identification of the client/user, the problem, a proposal to solution and a team.  Awards amount to CLP$ 56 million: $45 million cash will be allocated among 12 winners, while the remaining $11 million will be delivered as valuable services, which include work space in Ruta5 coworking, located on the 5thfloor of the Centro de Innovación UC , the possibility of participating in the International Business Model Competition and a Technical Tour with ProChile. Additionally, a Fast Track to IncubaUC programs will be awarded.    About SURA Asset Management Chile   SURA Asset Management Chile is part of the Latin SURA Asset Management company, present in six countries in the region. In Chile, it operates in the market of mutual funds, life insurance, stocks and the pension industry through AFP Capital, totaling USD 41.3 billion in AUM owned by 1.9 million customers.     About SURA Asset Management   SURA Asset Management is a Latin American company with operations in Pensions, Savings and Investments in Mexico, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay and El Salvador. It is a subsidiary of SURA Group and has three minority shareholders: Bolivar Group, Bancolombia and Wiese Group.  As of the end of Q1 2017, SURA Asset Management's AUM amounts to USD$123.4 billion owned by 19.2 million customers.  * Customers and AUM include AFP Protection in Colombia and AFP Crecer in El Salvador, although not controlled companies, SURA AM has a significant stake.