Guidelines and decisions made by Grupo SURA in the face of the COVID-19 situation

Ever since the current outbreak with COVID-19 began, Grupo SURA, in conjunction with our subsidiaries Suramericana (insurance and trend & risk management) and SURA Asset Management (pensions, savings, investment and asset management) as well as the SURA Foundation (social outreach programs, both our own and in conjunction with our partners), have monitored, evaluated and taken measures aimed at taking care of people, ensuring the continuity of our operations and services, and helping to contain and resolve this current situation.

The following are just some of the decisions and recommendations we have made in this regard:

  • All our Companies have instructed their employees to telework from home for which they have facilitated the required tools; this in addition to postponing or canceling all business trips, corporate events and face-to-face meetings, thereby promoting self-quarantine as a preventive measure, which is the recommended course of action in these cases.
  • The Annual Meeting of our General Assembly of Shareholders, scheduled for March 27, shall encourage shareholder participation through the delegation of powers and this may be followed via video streaming, this in coordination with the respective authorities.

  • All our Companies throughout the region are taking the necessary measures in order to opportunely attend and assist our clients, by prioritizing our on-line and remote channels, as well as with our suppliers and partners. More specifically, SURA's health care operations and services in Colombia are working in full coordination with the Colombian Ministry of Health and the respective authorities, given the enormous responsibility we all have in a situation such as this.

  • Also, and with regard to the financial markets, we are fully aware that the current situation defies regular evaluation parameters, and therefore requires serenity and prudence in making decisions in this respect. We know that we have expert teams of staff with the necessary knowledge to advise our clients and maintain a sound management of our financial strategies.

  • From all fronts of our business, we are fully committed to acting proactively, closely monitoring the manner in which this situation is evolving and with the professionalism and responsibility that has always characterized our SURA staff throughout the region.

    Finally, we wish to invite you all to abide by the precautionary care measures taken by our governments and authorities, and to look on this situation as an opportunity for us to learn and grow together both on a personal and institutional level.


Kind regards,



Chief Executive Officer - Grupo SURA.