Grupo SURA, the only Latin American Company from the Diversified Financial Service sector to be admitted to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index

​ Besides being included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the sixth running, Group SURA continues to be the only Latin American company out of a total of 13 global companies from the diversified financial services sector and capital markets to obtain such listing. This index is made up of companies throughout the world that uphold the highest standards in business sustainability. This year Dow Jones listed a total of 316 companies, after evaluating a total of 1.986.   Medellín. September 08, 2016 For the sixth year in a row, Grupo SURA was chosen as the only Latin American company from the diversified financial services sector and capital markets to be listed with the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, thanks to the responsible manner in which it handles its business from the economic, social and environmental standpoints. This listing applied to both to the Dow Jones World and Emerging Markets Indices. On this occasion, the Organization, including its subsidiaries throughout the region, obtained the highest scores in terms of: The Economic Dimension - having reinforced its anti-crime measures and policies and enhanced its crisis and risk management capabilities and the manner in which it engages with its clients. The Environmental Dimension - for the progress made in handling the risk and opportunities associated with climate change, in addition to the advances obtained with its environmental strategy. The Social Dimension – for the efforts made with regard to financial inclusion and human talent management (particularly with regard to occupational health and safety). Mention was also made of the Company's improved reporting capabilities with regard to the environmental and social dimensions. On the other hand, the Company's overall results showed room for improvement especially with regard to continuing to beef up its corporate governance, improve how metrics and goals are defined in terms of non-financial reporting, deploying additional initiatives for a better eco-efficiency performance while, generally speaking, continuing to uphold best corporate practices, particularly in terms of all those new businesses that have recently joined the Company.. In the light of the aforementioned results, David Bojanini, Chief Executive Officer of Grupo Sura stated that " we are proud, here in Grupo SURA, to continue to form part of an Index that is so widely recognized throughout the world, especially so since we belong to the Latin American finance sector which continues to grapple with significant challenges. This amply demonstrates our firm commitment to the responsible handling of our business, having submitted ourselves to such a thorough assessment of our performance in this regard so as to gauge how we measure up compared to other companies on a global basis that are upholding the highest standards in terms of business sustainability. I would like to make special mention of the progress made with the environmental and social dimensions, where clearly we have been able to incorporate the best practices our industry has to offer and shall continue to do as we strive to remain at the forefront in terms of our business sustainability . The Company is also well aware of the importance of being able to measure itself against the highest standards of corporate governance, since this is a way of gauging our continuous improvement and acquiring a public commitment to incorporating practices that drive the sustainable development of both business and society itself. Nowadays, the Dow Jones Indices represent a major source of information for the financial markets in terms of analyzing and deciding on investments to be made. The Dow Jones Sustainability Index constitutes a global platform based since 1999 on a series of indicators aimed at monitoring the performance of leading companies from around the world in different aspects relating to sustainability standards Consequently, this Index has become one of the most coveted acknowledgements that companies throughout the world can aspire to having become a key benchmark for analyzing and deciding on investments. ​  About Grupo SURA Grupo de Inversiones Suramericana, the parent company of the Sura Business Group, is a Latin American company listed on the Colombian Stock Exchange and registered with the ADR- Level 1 program in the United States. We are also the only Latin American Company from the Diversified Financial Service Sector to be admitted to the Dow Jones Sustainability World Indices, which list companies who have become global benchmarks thanks to the best practices they have adopted from the economic, environmental and social standpoints. GRUPO SURA has two fields of investment: its core strategic interests in the financial service, insurance, pension, savings and investment sectors; and its industrial interests in the processed food, cement,  energy and infrastructure sectors.