Grupo SURA obtained a positive performance from its different operating lines of business for the first half of this year

​• Consolidated revenues totaled COP 6.5 billion (USD 2.5 billion), while net income on a YTD basis reached COP 841.526 million (USD 323.8 million), the latter impacted by non-recurring items and the macroeconomic environment. • The operating performance of the Group´s different lines of business continued on an upswing with both Suramericana and SURA Asset Management, posting growths in revenues of 16.4% and 19.7% respectively. • The 10% growth in voluntary pension fund membership in all those parts of Latin America where SURA is present, has been the product of the Company's current strategy of drilling down with this line of business. Medellin, August 31 2015.  Grupo SURA presented its results for the first half of this year, which, from the financial standpoint, still remains affected by factors such as the changeover to the new  International Financial Reporting Standards - IFRS-  which had a corresponding effect on the comparability of the figures from last year to this, plus the amount of wealth tax due in Colombia, the exchange rate and the sluggish performance of the capital markets. Consequently Grupo SURA posted  consolidated revenues of COP 6.5 billion (USD 2.5 billion), showing an 8% increase compared to the same period last year , thanks to its ongoing positive level of operating performance, as reported earlier this year. Also, Grupo SURA's consolidated assets at the end of H1, 2015 came to COP 47.9 billion (USD 18.4 billion), showing a drop of 0.1% compared to year-end 2014, while Shareholders´ Equity fell by 6.3% to COP 23.9 billion (USD 9.2 billion). Net income on a YTD basis came to COP 841,526 million (USD 323.8 million) for a decline of 42.4%. As previous explained, the main reason for said drop was the amount of wealth tax accruing this year for a total of COP 101.078 million (USD 38.9 million), as well as the non-recurring effect of the changeover to IFRS, since in 2014 the Group recorded dividend income from its related companies amounting to 338.675 million (USD 130.3 million), which was not the case this year. On an operating level, the Group´s financial service and insurance lines of business performed very well during the first half of this year, registering double digit growths which was in line with Organization´s plans. "On the whole, and bearing in mind the situation on the international markets as well as the macroeconomic situation, we are pleased with our operating performance so far this year, especially our insurance division where total premiums rose by 15% as well as our voluntary savings business which is showing increases of 10% in fund membership and another 22.1% in assets under management"  stated David Bojanini, Grupo SURA's Chief Executive Officer. Consolidated revenues obtained from the different companies belonging to  Suramericana S.A. , Grupo SURA's Insurance and Social Security subsidiary, came to COP 3.5 billion (USD 1,353.5 million) showing a year-on-year growth of 16.4% whereas consolidated income at the end of H1 came to COP 207.253 billion (USD 79.8 million) for an increase of 4.3%. Upon eliminating the effect that wealth tax had on the overall results, net income would have risen by 20.7%. Suramericana S.A.'s assets rose by 4.3% compared to year-end 2014, reaching COP 11.3 billion (USD 4.4 billion). On the other hand,  SURA Asset Management , the Group´s pension, savings and investment subsidiary, obtained COP 2.3 billion (USD 902.3 million) in consolidated revenues for a growth of 19.7% for this first half of the year, this mainly due to the increase in premiums and commissions received. This latter company posted consolidated assets totaling COP 21.2 billion (USD 8.2 billion), for a growth of 4.3%, along with a shareholders´ equity of COP 3.3 billion, showing a decline of 4.5% compared to year-end 2014; this primarily as a result of fluctuations with the exchange rates in different parts of Latin America against the Colombian peso. CONTEXT Changes under IFRS Now that its results are being reported under IFRS, the following relationships between Grupo SURA and the companies that make up its portfolio, shall from now on be understood as follows: Subsidiaries are those where Grupo SURA holds more than a 50% stake (mainly Sura Asset Management and Suramericana) and the financial performance of both are recorded on the parent company´s financial statements on a consolidated basis. Related companies are those in which Grupo SURA holds stakes of between 20% and 50% (Bancolombia, Grupo Argos, Grupo Nutresa and Protección, the latter through SURA Asset Management)- Revenues from these companies were previously recorded in the form of dividends declared by these same, whereas these are now recognized under the equity method.​