Grupo SURA has been admitted to the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index for promoting equality and diversity.

  • For the first time ever, the Company now forms part of this index, after an external and independent evaluation was carried out, based on reported public information.
  • This reflects the performance of Grupo SURA, Suramericana and SURA Asset Management and validates our commitment to comprehensive human capital management in order to create value for our stakeholders.
  • Grupo SURA is among 484 companies included in this year´s global index, having achieved a higher level of performance compared to the previous evaluation.

Medellin, February 1, 2023. The set of practices promoted by Grupo SURA's inclusion and diversity policies allowed it to be included for the first time ever in the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index (GEI) this year. This reflects the efforts of the Company and its subsidiaries to create an inclusive work environment, attract and retain human talent, consolidate relationships based on respect and the transparency of disclosing its performance regarding these issues to different audiences.

"We at SURA strive to enable people with the skills and knowledge that favor, from the diversity standpoint, the full development of the self and the potential to generate value, not only for the Company, but also for our stakeholders and society as a whole. By being included in this year´s Bloomberg Gender Equality Index validates our performance and encourages us to work to overcome the challenges we face”, stated Catalina Restrepo Duque, Grupo SURA’s Human Talent Manager.

In the evaluation performed for being included among the 484 companies that form part of the GEI 2023, Bloomberg highlighted the following aspects of the SURA Companies:

  • Inclusive culture: this was one of the areas with the highest rating, thereby reflecting SURA's commitment to recognize individuality and design benefits and experiences for our employees, so that they can maximize their development, contribute to our corporate culture from the standpoint of their identity and recognize and manage their own biases.
  • Policies against sexual harassment: SURA is committed to the permanent care of our employees. For this reason, a policy is upheld for preventing and handling sexual harassment. We have also introduced a series of practices that enable people´s comprehensive well-being, their ethical conduct, their training and their safety in all aspects.
  • Leadership and talent: the commitment to having an equal and diverse workforce is reflected in the fact that 65.3% of Grupo Empresarial SURA's total number of employees are women, and 60.6% of our human talent were promoted to managerial positions in just the last year.

"Today's environment requires us to work on inspiring leadership styles and move forward with concrete practices in order to achieve our goal of being a flexible and diverse organization, this based on our corporate principles," added the Human Talent Manager.

With this year´s new Index, Bloomberg completes its eighth GEI reporting cycle. This initiative has become a tool for investors and other stakeholders to consult on companies' commitments and performance on the path to gender equality, as well as help support the collective action for meeting the standards required to create workplaces that reflect true diversity.