Grupo SURA had revenue for COP 4.76 billion and net profits for COP 310,153 million during the first quarter

​ • The positive performance of Suramericana's and SURA Asset Management's operations partly offset the impact of market volatility on the yields of the investments. • This external factor led to a 23.5% reduction in the consolidated net profits, while the controller's net profits went down by 20.6%, to COP 268,982 million. • ​There were increased efforts to achieve higher efficiencies, reduce the debt, and guide investments towards the strategy to reach new customer and expand the markets.   Medellin, May 15, 2018. This Tuesday, Grupo SURA reported its financial results for the close of the first quarter. During this period, the operational growth of the affiliates Suramericana and SURA Asset Management was positive, although it was impacted by the volatility of the capital markets. This external effect was reflected in lower yields for the company's own investment portfolios that back up the insurance and pensions business and was also a sharp contrast to this indicator's positive performance a year ago.  In this context, Grupo SURA consolidated revenue reached COP 4.76 billion (USD 1,666 million), a decrease of 2.2% (COP 105,137 million or USD 36.8 million) compared to January-March 2017. This behavior is explained mainly by a reduction of 47% (COP 253,497 million or USD 88.7 million) in revenue from investments. In addition, Suramericana's decision not to participate in the pension D&S insurance business in Colombia to focus on other solutions more aligned with its strategies, also led to lower consolidated revenue.  ​​ However, this affiliate had a consolidated revenue growth of 3.6 % (COP 3.36 billion or USD 1,177.5 million) and 2.8 % in retained premiums, due significantly to the performance in Chile and Mexico, and the positive dynamics of the Health operations in Colombia. This growth came together with a lower claims rate and higher efficiencies, which translated into underwriting profits (industrial results) that improved 31% compared to the first quarter of 2017.  SURA Asset Management, the affiliate that is the expert on pensions, savings, and investment, contributed to the Group with a 6% increase in revenue from commissions in the mandatory business and the same indicator improved by 9.7% in the voluntary business. It should be noted that, during this past quarter, 82% of the managed funds had returns that were higher than the average for the markets where they operate. SURA Asset Management closed the period with COP 393 billion (USD 141,343 million) in managed assets for 19.2 million clients.  "The high volatility of the markets impacted revenue from the yield of the investment compared with an outstanding first quarter for 2017. But it has been possible to partially offset this with the positive operational performance by the affiliates, which have been busy consolidating their business, achieving profitable growth, continuing to improve in terms of efficiency, and delivering increasingly better solutions for their current and potential customers," said Grupo SURA's CEO, David Bojanini García.  In turn, Grupo SURA's total expenses went down 0.6% compared to the same period in 2017, for a total of 4.34 billion (USD 1,519.6 million). This decrease is explained by a lower number of adjustment to insurance reserves, more control over administrative expenses in all businesses, and lower interest paid on the debt. This reflects the focus on efficiency, which was given priority during Grupo Sura's recent strategy evolution.  Overall, Grupo SURA's net consolidated profits for the first quarter was COP 310,153 million (USD 108.5 million), 23.5% less than a year ago; profits attributable to the controlling entity amounted to COP 268,982 million (USD 94.1 million), a decrease of 20.6%.  Lastly, Grupo SURA's assets came to COP 66.71 billion (USD 23,992 million), 3.3% less than last December, due to the same effect of market behavior on investments. Liabilities decreased by 2.8%, to COP 41.58 billion (USD 14,955 million), associated with a reduction of COP 201,942 million in financial liabilities, which are COP 9.84 billion (USD 3,539 million). The behavior of assets and liabilities was reflected in a 4.2% reduction in equity, to COP 25.13 billion (USD 9,037 million).   About Grupo SURA ​Grupo de Inversiones Suramericana, the parent company of del Grupo Empresarial SURA, is a Latin American company traded in the Colombian Stock Exchange (Bolsa de Valores de Colombia - BVC) and is listed in the ADR – Level I program in the United States. It is the only entity in the Diverse Financial Services in Latin America that is part of the Dow Jones Global Sustainability Index (DJSI), which recognizes those companies that stand out at the global level because they have the best economic, environmental, and social practices. Grupo SURA has strategic investments focused on the financial services, insurance, pensions, savings and investment sectors, and industrial investments, mainly in processed foods, cement, energy, and infrastructure.​