Grupo SURA forms part of the 2023 edition of the S&P Global Sustainability Yearbook.

  • Since 2010, the Company has been included in the aforementioned Yearbook and this time is among the 22 leading organizations from the Diverse Financial Services sector.
  • For this year´s edition, S&P Global selected the 708 most outstanding companies from around the world from the standpoint of their environmental, social, and governance factors.
  • This recognition reflects the levels of performance on the part of Grupo SURA and its subsidiaries Suramericana and SURA Asset Management, in different areas together with their operations in 10 Latin American countries.
  • Grupo SURA also improved its climate change management rating, according to the most recent CDP Report, which is a benchmark for environmental management.

Medellín. February 07, 2023, Grupo SURA has been included in the S&P Global Sustainability Yearbook as one of the most outstanding organizations throughout the world in this area. Grupo SURA's commitment to incorporating ESG  (environmental, social, and governance) criteria, as a central element of its strategy as an investment manager, allowed it to be included in the most recent edition of the aforementioned Yearbook, which includes 708 companies, out of a total of 7,800 companies that were evaluated.

This publication recognizes the top 15% of the best-performing companies in each of the 61 industries that form part of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI). This recognition is based on the 2022 Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA), in which Grupo SURA obtained a score of 76 out of a total of 100 and ranked in sixth place among the 16 organizations that form part of the DJSI from the Diverse Financial Services and Capital Markets industry.

"Sustainability is at the core of our strategy as an investment manager with a view to the long term. Therefore, being included yet again in the S&P Yearbook only goes to confirm the importance of having a well-balanced handling of our financial, social, human, and natural capital as we move ahead on the path toward sustainable profitability, while always striving to create added value for all our stakeholders, as well as for the Suramericana and SURA Asset Management companies throughout Latin America", stated Gonzalo Alberto Pérez, CEO of Grupo SURA.

In fact, being included in this year´s Yearbook recognizes the performance of Grupo SURA and its subsidiaries in areas such as their sustainable finance strategy, by incorporating investment processes aligned with ESG practices as well as designing products and solutions based on environmental and social criteria, among other aspects.

S&P also included, in its 2023 Yearbook, other companies that form part of Grupo SURA's strategic investment portfolio, which are benchmarks in their industries for their commitment to sustainability, namely Bancolombia (banking), Grupo Nutresa (food processing) and Grupo Argos, together with its subsidiary Cementos Argos (construction materials).

Advances in climate change management

It is worth noting that Grupo SURA surpassed the average score of companies both globally as well as on a Latin American level in the most recent external evaluation of its climate change management performance by obtaining a "B-" rating in the CDP Report, which is an independent global environmental impact and management disclosure system. This significant improvement evidences the strategy being implemented by Grupo SURA, Suramericana, and SURA Asset Management in taking real and coordinated action on climate issues.

"The CDP score allows us to assess our climate change management performance over the past year and also indicates areas that need our attention. That is why in 2023 we shall focus on expanding the coverage of our financed emission metrics, propose management strategies for our footprint, and incorporate climate risk in our valuation models," concluded Lina Uribe, Head of Sustainability for Grupo SURA