Grupo SURA announces precautionary measures relating to a class action filed by one of the Company´s minority shareholders

On Thursday morning, Grupo SURA was notified of an injunction issued on November 16 by the 10th Civil Court of the Oral Circuit of Medellin. This decision orders precautionary measures to be taken as part of the process for a class action brought by the minority shareholder Diego Patiño Moreno against three individuals, namely María Ximena Lombana Villalba, Ángela María Tafur Domínguez and Andrés Bernal Correa. The Company is connected to this legal action as a non-defendant together with other legal entities.

The text of the interim injunction states that "it does not seem regular, habitual or orderly that a decision on the part of a board of directors , initially formed by seven members, is approved by three of these". In this sense, the judge stated that there exists a threat against the collective rights and interests of consumers and users, such as their confidence in the securities market and the governance of its issuers, the stability of the financial system and public morality.

In light of this court decision, Grupo SURA's legal representatives shall not be able to execute any act emanating from an alleged board of directors made up of only three members. Indeed the aforementioned interim injunction states that the Company must “refrain from carrying out or handling any act or decision that does not comply with the applicable legal and statutory rules and regulations regarding the decisions made by the Board of Directors of Grupo SURA”

Likewise, the decision contained in the injunction was also notified to the Colombian Superintendency of Finance, the Chambers of Commerce of Medellin for Antioquia and the Chamber of Commerce of Bogota.

As we have stated on previous occasions, Grupo SURA trusts that the Colombian authorities and institutions shall act in the light of the law, and as a Company we continue to act pursuant to our guiding corporate principles of responsibility, transparency, respect and fairness.