Grupo SURA advances among global sustainability leaders

Grupo SURA is part of the 317 companies selected among 3,504, to participate this year in the creation of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI), published this Thursday. In addition, the Company is one of the 15 companies in the diverse financial services and capital markets that make up the world index and is still the only Latin American company in this sector. This recognition represents the ongoing commitment to responsible and integral management by Grupo SURA and its affiliates Suramericana (specializing in insurance, trends, and risks) and SURA Asset Management (which specializes in pensions, savings, and investments).

According to the RobecoSAM, which carries out the measurements among 58 industries to define the DJSI, in 2018 Grupo SURA scored 79 points out of 100, compared to 74 for 2017, and is higher than 98% of the scores for companies in the sector. The total results were obtained with the results in three dimensions: economic (74 points), environmental (85), and social (83). Company leadership went from 2 to 4 out of the 24 chapters evaluated: risks and crisis management, attraction and retention of human talent, Occupational Health & Safety, and financial inclusion.

“We are pleased by the fact that, for the eighth consecutive year, we are part of the organizations recognized globally for their economic, social, environmental, and corporate governance practices. Participation in this integral evaluation is also an opportunity to identify areas where we can continue to improve; it reminds us our daily job of continuing our efforts so that all actions and decisions in Grupo SURA and its affiliates add value to each of our stakeholders, taking into consideration the changes and the needs of the markets, the environment, and Latin American society”, said David Bojanini, CEO of Grupo SURA.

This time, the Company’s advance in the DJSI was driven by significant improvements during the past year in areas such as:
- Performance in managing risks and opportunities in environmental and social issues, and the development of an articulated tax strategy among the companies..
- Developing human talent, by nurturing the capabilities, knowledge, and leadership of the more than 27,000 employees in 10 countries.
- Greater reach with the solutions and programs to promote financial inclusion in the region, for the operations of Suramericana and SURA Asset Management, to increase market penetration, and deliver capabilities to more individuals and companies.
- Strengthening the audit processes for the metrics used to manage the operations, and accountability in different Company channels and scenarios.

“We understand that our sustainability starts with the ability to transform ourselves to be relevant when it is time to create well-being and competitiveness for people and companies. This is why trends and risk management is at the core of sustainability in Suramericana, as a regional platform that anticipates the changes in the environment and in the 9 countries where Seguros SURA operates”, said Gonzalo Perez, CEO of Suramericana.

Participating in this measurement has been and enriching experience. On the one hand, it helps determine the way to generate more value for stakeholders by managing risks and leveraging opportunities. In addition, the organization compares and questions itself to respond to the expectations of the various audiences in the region. Furthermore, sustainability is an increasingly relevant factor in the decisions to make long-term investments by international investors and fund managers.

“To the extent that companies are aware of our environment and our role, we contribute to the development of the countries and endure in the long-term. This is why our business relations and management are based on responsible practices. We are convinced that the best way to grow is hand-in-hand with the people and companies with whom we relate, building trust, to be sustainable,” said Ignacio Calle, CEO of SURA Asset Management.

Sustainability is achieved through various fronts, as a function of our contribution to Latin American society through our businesses and corporate management. Some recent initiatives, such as the ones listed below, are evidence of this ongoing commitment:

  • More than 27,000 employees are reinforcing their training in areas such as ethics, codes of conduct, good governance, and decision-making criteria.
  • In the areas of attracting and retaining talent, and in Occupational Health & Safety, initiatives have been developed that position Grupo Sura as a leader in these categories.
  • Suramericana has developed solutions, channels, and accesses as a function of emergent segments of the population. It has also diversified its portfolio to respond to emergent risks through policies that foster renewable energy, leverage adaptation to climate change, or promote sustainable mobility (bicycles and electric cars).
  • SURA Asset Management adhered to the United Nations Portfolio Decarbonization Coalition to invest the resources of the managed portfolios in companies with a smaller carbon footprint.
  • Over 3,500 suppliers were trained during the past year in topics such as sustainability, business strengthening, fraud prevention, and job security, among others.

Grupo SURA also is part of the Dow Jones sustainability Index for Emerging Markets (DJSI Emerging Markets), that was created in 2017 with companies listed in the stock exchanges of the Pacific Alliance countries (DJSI MILA).

Finally, it is significant that Grupo SURA’s commitment to a portfolio of sustainable investments is also reflected by the fact that Bancolombia, as a strategic investment, is also a leader in its sector (banking) in the global index; with respect to industrial investments, Grupo Argos is also the best in construction materials, a sector in which its affiliate Cementos Argos also appears, while Grupo Nutresa maintains its place in food products. Thus, 5 Colombian companies are part of the 13 Latin American companies elected to the DJSI global index.