Fundación SURA arrives in Chile

"Chile has not managed to mobilize the learning in Science and Mathematics in almost a decade". This is one of the main local results of the study Learning is more: making the right to education in Latin America a reality, carried out by Fundación SURA, the Latin American Network of Civil Society Organizations for Education (Reduca) and Education 2020. The investigation, which was announced in the framework of the launch of Fundación SURA in Chile, confirms that the continent has made significant progress in access and coverage rates, but warns that this has not necessarily been coupled with quality learning.

In the study, an approach was made to the educational realities of each of the 15 countries that participated. In the case of Chile, a high rate of literacy and coverage in school education stands out and there is a low level of articulation in the trajectories of vocational technical education, which allows continuity in higher education. Another aspect that reveals, is that Chile has not managed to mobilize the learning in Science and Mathematics in almost a decade and a significant number of students does not reach the minimum competences in these subjects, especially those that come from schools with a high vulnerability index.

It is in this context Fundación SURA, which in Latin America is led by our CEO, David Bojanini, and that in Chile has the Executive Management of Macarena Larraín, seeks to contribute to the development and welfare of Chile, through its investment lines social in quality education, labor skills training, innovation and entrepreneurship.

"In Grupo SURA we are convinced of the decisive role of companies in society, not only from business management, but also as drivers of social impact initiatives in matters such as education, which is essential if we want to talk about the future, competitiveness and sustainability. Education allows access to opportunities, which are the principle of equity. At SURA we are pleased to contribute in this line because we know that we can only talk about successful companies, when the environment also progresses, "explained David Bojanini, CEO of Grupo SURA.

For a year, Fundación SURA in Chile has been working on three projects in accordance with its social investment lines:
1. School of Leaders, together with the Belén Educa Foundation, to develop competencies that allow the high performance of school leaders working in poverty sectors.

2. Program of training and labor insertion in programming and digital development for women, in partnership with Laboratoria.

3. School of Talent Development, with the support of the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Chile (FEN), to achieve comprehensive training of outstanding young people, technical-professional lyceums of vulnerable sectors.

"Today we join as an actor in the commitment to local sustainable development, especially with those sectors of our country that are more vulnerable and that require more and better opportunities through the development of capabilities," said Macarena Larraín, Executive Director of Fundación SURA Chile.

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