Formal Registration of Public Deed of Merger

​ Grupo de Inversiones Suramericana S.A. ("Grupo SURA") hereby announces that on August 1, 2018, Public Deed No. 1715, drawn up on July 31, 2018 before Notary Public No. 2 of the Circuit of Medellin was registered with the Commercial Registry of the Chamber of Commerce of Medellín. The aforementioned public deed officially recorded the amendment made to the Company’s Articles of Association to reflect a merger, in which Grupo SURA acted as the absorbing company of its subsidiaries Grupo de Inversiones Suramericana Panama S.A. and Gruposura Finance. In this regard, and after obtaining due authorization from the Colombian Superintendency of Finance as contained in Resolution No. 0890, issued and notified on July 13, 2018 and July 17, 2018 respectively and having recorded in the form of a public deed the merger commitment approved by the governing bodies of all three companies involved at meetings held on March 23, 2018, said public deed was duly registered with the Commercial Registry of the Chamber of Commerce of Medellín. In accordance with that stipulated in the stated merger commitment and its annexes, upon performing the merger, the estimated values of the assets, liabilities, shareholders´ equity, authorized capital, and subscribed and paid capital held by Grupo SURA shall be as follows: Total Assets COP 28.398.889.717 Total Liabilities COP 6.027.845.720 Net Shareholders´ Equity COP 22.371.043.998 Authorized capital COP 112.500.000 Subscribed and paid-in capital COP 109.120.790 **stated in thousands of Colombian pesos. The values of the assets and liabilities of the companies thus absorbed as well as those of Grupo SURA were taken from the most recent separate financial statements made available by all three companies. This information is provided as a follow-up to the announcement released regarding this subject matter in the form of Relevant Information published on July 31, in response to that requested by the Colombian Superintendency of Finance upon authorizing this operation.​