For the 13th consecutive year, SURA was ranked among the organizations with the best reputation in Colombia, according to the Merco Empresas 2023 corporate survey.

  • This year, SURA was ranked in 6th place out of a total of 100 companies that were evaluated thereby maintaining its top position in the insurance sector. For its part, Protección, a subsidiary of SURA Asset Management, reaffirmed its leadership in the pension and severance industry.
  • The CEOs of Grupo SURA, Suramericana, Seguros SURA Colombia, SURA AM and Protección continue to be among the 100 most valued business leaders in the country.
  • This year´s ranking also highlighted Bancolombia, Grupo Argos and Nutresa, companies that form part of Grupo SURA's investment portfolio.

The Corporate Reputation Business Monitor (Merco) recognized SURA this past Wednesday as the 6th company with the highest reputation in Colombia in its overall assessment, this based on the perceptions of different communities. Likewise, Seguros SURA Colombia continues as the top-performing company in the insurance sector, and Protección maintains its leadership in the pension and severance industry. With these results, the SURA Business Group has figured among the ten best evaluated organizations in the country for 13 years running.

"Having been evaluated by Merco among the companies with the best reputation in Colombia for 13 straight years reflects our historical commitment to inspiring the trust of both individuals and companies in SURA's products, solutions and services. That is why we continue with our efforts to strengthen our long-term relationships with all our stakeholders, and in this way move forward with ensuring a harmonious level of development for our society," stated Gonzalo Pérez, CEO of Grupo SURA.

The independent corporate survey included the perceptions of different actors such as financial analysts, economic journalists, academics, employees of evaluated companies, NGO representatives and university students, that were compiled through almost 79 thousand surveys and compared with 27 sources of information. SURA was also recognized in the Merco Talent Survey  as the sixth best company to work for in Colombia. It was also ranked as the fifth most responsible organization in the country based on the Merco ESG survey based on environmental, social and corporate governance criteria.

SURA's positive reputational assessment is backed by the integrated management of the companies belonging to the Business Group in light of its corporate ethical principles, in providing wellbeing to millions of Colombians and thousands of companies through its insurance solutions, services and voluntary and pension savings products. Likewise, the Organization´s commitments to developing SURA's human talent and its contribution to improving capabilities in different territories and communities through its different lines of business, projects, the involvement of its Companies as well as through the lines of support offered by the SURA Foundation in Colombia.

In the case of Suramericana, it should be noted that 22,500 employees were hired throughout Latin America, that is to say more than 3,000 new hires in the region for 2022, a voluntary turnover of 9.1%, 2,000 employees being promoted to higher posts and a total of 47 hours of human talent training per person.

For its part Seguros SURA Colombia, a subsidiary of Suramericana, has managed to consolidate its position as the leading insurance company in Colombia, with a diversified portfolio that meets the needs of both individuals and companies throughout the country. It also provides more than 154 million health benefits to more than 14 million users. It is also worth noting that strategies have been strengthened to support the Colombian people through initiatives such as Vive Más (“Live Longer”), a platform that already has more than 116 thousand users and whose purpose is to improve healthy, financial and physical habits.

As for the leadership ranking, Merco Líderes Colombia 2023, Gonzalo Pérez, CEO of Grupo SURA, was rated as the 10th leader with the best perception in the country; Juana Francisca Llano, CEO of Suramericana was ranked in 20th position; Juan David Escobar, CEO of Seguros SURA Colombia occupied 31st position; Juan David Correa, CEO of Protección, moved up 14 positions to rank in 60th place; and Ignacio Calle, CEO of SURA Asset Management came in in 74th place in the overall assessment of the 100 most valued leaders in Colombia.

In its role an investment manager committed to sustainable profitability, Grupo SURA also recognized and applauded the performance of the companies that form part of its portfolio, as appraised in the Merco Empresas 2023 corporate survey, this in addition to that of their respective CEOs: Bancolombia (1st) and its CEO Juan Carlos Mora (2nd), Grupo Argos (10th) and its CEO Jorge Mario Velásquez (8th), and Grupo Nutresa (2nd) with its CEO  Carlos Ignacio Gallego in 3rd place.

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