Energy efficiency, a solution designed for the environment

One of the pillars of sustainability is energy efficiency, which is why entities such as the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) promote initiatives so that more and more companies and people can bet on solutions of this type. For this, Seguros SURA Colombia offers energy efficiency insurance, an alternative that accompanies and supports companies and people who decide to implement services aimed at improving their energy consumption, which implies cost reduction and contribution to the environment.

It is a trend that proposes to take care of the environment through the optimization of resources, the care of water in industrial processes, the mitigation of the impact of chemical processes in the air and their respective decrease in carbon dioxide.

Seguros SURA Colombia identified the need to provide a solution in the transition from traditional energies to new forms of cleaner energy generation, and in this way support the assurance of projects that require guaranteeing the optimization of energy production in order to make the companies both economically and environmentally.

"Environmental sustainability is one of the great bets that cities, companies and the population in general make, in order to optimize their resources and at the same time generate savings in all the practices they carry out. In view of this need to generate cleaner energy in different spaces, Seguros SURA proposes a solution to guarantee the optimization of energy in the different spaces, "said Andrés Mejía, Manager of Engineering and Compliance Insurance at SURA Colombia.

This solution is designed for all types of people or entities that want to implement energy efficiency initiatives. Those interested can approach SURA Colombia Insurance with the proposal of a project that meets this purpose. Then, the organization will evaluate the economic viability, the conditions of its construction and the financial information of the same, and thus it will create an assurance solution adjusted to the given conditions, which includes accompaniment during the development of the project to achieve the defined energy saving objective. from the beginning.

So far, it is the only solution in the country focused on this type of energy saving. With this proposal it is expected to continue promoting confidence in those new technologies that make the generation of clean energy as efficient and safe as traditional technologies.