Empresas SURA drives the competitiveness of Argentine SMEs

Seguros SURA Argentina, a subsidiary of Suramericana, developed Empresas SURA, an initiative that seeks to boost the competitiveness of SMEs in the country. With the tools and knowledge that are made available to these organizations, their leaders will know how environmental changes can affect them. In addition, they will receive a personalized and free diagnosis of your company, to determine how you are prepared and what you must do to face a world that is changing faster and faster.

“The digital era and globalization face new challenges. It was never so important to be able to read the environment on time, since the changes we are experiencing today involve new risks that can directly affect the business of an SME”, said Nicolá Lamiaux, Marketing and Experiences Director of SURA Argentina Customer Insurance.

With Empresas SURA a specific radar was developed so that each SME does not lose sight of its diagnosis in the creation and execution of its strategy. In addition, it will have the map of risks to which the organization is exposed and consider its level of preparedness to mitigate them.