Empresa SURA provides specialized support for SME in Latin America

Empresa SURA seeks to deliver knowledge and skills in human talent, financial management, technology, market and regulatory and tax environment.

This program is aimed at micro, small and medium enterprises, whether or not they are current clients of SURA, to accompany them with specialists in timely management of trends and risks in strategic aspects, to make them more competitive and sustainable.

On July 11, Juan David Escobar, President of Seguros SURA Colombia, presented Empresa SURA in Bogotá. The initiative includes an initial investment of COP 3,500 million, with the goal for this year of linking 650 SME, who attend both the center in the colombian capital, and another that will open its doors from August in Medellín, with the perspective of continuing the expansion to other cities in the country.

"With Empresa SURA we want to deliver knowledge and skills to micro, small and medium-sized Colombian companies on strategic fronts such as human talent, technology, financial management, market and regulatory environment, so that they are competitive and sustainable. where entrepreneurs, without necessarily being clients, can receive support from the hand of experts", said Escobar.

In Colombia, 90% of the companies formed are SME, generate 81% of national employment and represent 45% of GDP; however, of every 10 companies created, only three survive after five years. These figures show the representativeness of this segment and the need to accompany its entrepreneurs in guaranteeing the sustainability of the business.

"One does not have many tools or knowledge at hand to see all the opportunities for improvement and risks to which the company is exposed. With the SURA specialists I began to find lights to know what are the gaps in which we must work to improve and grow", said Sandra Vargas, founder of Dovana, one of the 200 SME that have come to the SURA Business Center in Bogotá.

Empresa SURA also plans to work on generating a network of SME in Latin America, to create alliances among them, add capabilities and generate growth opportunities. To be part of the program, no requirement is required, only the will to approach Empresa SURA center that will be available in the main cities of each country where we are present, to know and analyze together the specific reality of each business, develop a diagnosis of aspects that affect their competitiveness, prioritize strategic management fronts to intervene and, depending on this roadmap, receive specialized accompaniment.