Dorrit Harazim wins the Prize for Excellence as part of this year´s Annual Gabriel García Márquez Awards for Journalism

​ Took it from FNPI The Brazilian reporter and editor, a leading figure in Portuguese journalism with a career spanning 50 years, shall receive this award on September 30 in Medellin as part of the  GGM Awards  Festival. The wars in Vietnam and Cambodia, the coup against the government of Salvador Allende in Chile, the attacks on the Twin Towers in New York, the first Oil War in the UAE, four presidential elections in the United States and eight Olympics, are just some of the historic events that the Brazilian journalist, Dorrit Harazim has witnessed during her 50 year career and for which this year she shall receive the Prize for Excellence as part of the Gabriel García Márquez Awards for Journalism. The manner in which Harazim narrated these events and her ability to "find angles and aspects that other journalists failed to do, thus leading the reader to discover a whole host of meticulous interesting details" are just some of the aspects that were highlighted by the Advisory Council for the GGM Awards, made up of Germán King, Monica Gonzalez, Jean-François Fogel, Jon Lee Anderson, Hector Feliciano, Rosental Alves, Martin Caparros, Sergio Ramirez, Maria Teresa Ronderos, Hector Abad Faciolince and Joaquin Estefania, who unanimously selected the winner of this award. Dorrit Harazim is also well known for her work as editor of two important publications in Brazil the magazines Veja and Piaui, which she helped to found. She also has an outstanding track record as columnist for the newspaper O Globo. The Advisory Council of the GGM awards also recognized her narrative skills and masterful use of language, and those who have read her work say that Dorrit Harazim writes "the best Brazilian Portuguese", as stated in the Judging Panel´s Records drafted by the Advisory Council of the GGM Awards. This Prize for Excellence is awarded every year to a journalist who is well-known for his o her autonomy, integrity and commitment to the ideals of journalism as a public service journalism, and who deserves to be exemplified based on his or her previous track record and unique contributions to the search for truth and the advancement of journalism. Gianina Segnini (Costa Rica), Javier Darío Restrepo (Colombia) and Marcela Turati (Mexico) are just some of the journalists who obtained this award in the two previous annual GGM Awards in 2013 and 2014. This announcement was made this morning at a press conference held at the Itaú Cultural Center in Sao Paulo, where the winner attended a press conference accompanied by the Director General of the FNPI, Jaime Abello Banfi, and its Executive Director, Ricardo Corredor Cure. Dorrit Harazim at the GGM Award Festival in Medellin Dorrit Harazim shall receive this award on September 30 in Medellin, at a ceremony in which the names of the winners of all four categories shall be announced. These categories are namely: Text, Image, Coverage and Innovation, for which 1,645 submissions were received this year and are currently subject to the panel´s second round. As for the actual GGM Award Ceremony, this is due to take place at the GGM Award Festival from 29 September to 1 October. The Plaza Mayor Convention Center shall be open to the public for a total of three days providing visitors with the possibility of seeing and hearing the current beacons of journalism, whose names will be announced in the coming weeks. Ms. Harazim, who shall form part of this year´s program, also participated in this Festival last year. About the Gabriel Garcia Marquez Awards for Journalism These prizes, which are awarded by the FNPI, have been made possible thanks to the public-private partnership between the Medellin City Hall, Bancolombia and Grupo SURA along with their subsidiaries in other parts of Latin America. This in addition to the permanent support that the FNPI receives from its institutional partner, the Ardila Lulle Organization (OAL).