David Bojanini, CEO of Grupo SURA presented his resignation

Grupo SURA hereby announces that Mr. David Bojanini Garcia, Chief Executive Officer of Grupo Sura presented his resignation to the Board of Directors today, this for the purpose of being able to enjoy his retirement as of next April and engage in his personal projects, this after chairing the upcoming Annual Meeting of the General Assembly of Shareholders.

Based on the Company´s Senior Management Succession Plans, the Board of Directors proceeded to request the Appointments and Retributions Committee to evaluate potential candidates, taking into account the profile and skills required to continue spearheading Grupo Sura´s sustainable development.

Please click on the following link to read Mr. Bojanini’s resignation letter https://www.gruposura.com/documento/carta-juntadirectiva2020/.

Board Message

The Board of Directors would like to show its deepest appreciation for the work and efforts that Mr. David Bojanini Garcia has carried out over the last 40 years he has spent with the Organization, throughout which he has made a decisive contribution to the growth of Grupo Sura and the companies that make up its portfolio.

This has been especially felt over the last 13 years he has held the post of the Holding’s Chief Executive Officer, in which he has applied his strategic vision and leadership to the Organization´s endeavors to gain greater international scale and strengthen its portfolio, which implied transforming the Sura Business Group into what it is today, that is to say, one of the main players in the Latin American financial industry.

But beyond the obvious financial achievements, Grupo Sura is today a global benchmark in sustainable corporate practices, thanks to his clear vision of the role that today´s corporations must play from a social standpoint in building shared added value.

Mr. Bojanini´s humanistic and social sensibilities have been a key factor in transforming the SURA Foundation, whose Board of Trustees he has chaired over the last 13 years, throughout which he took special care in building upon its social investment strategy and its overall performance.

He also made an outstanding contribution in strengthening the Group´s ethics-based corporate culture, by conferring special value on human talent and respect for the individual.

We would also like to make special mention of his unwavering focus on extending corporate governance practices to all companies that make up the Group.

Furthermore, his commitment as a corporate leader to resolving issues both at home and abroad, playing an active role in think tanks and in other arenas in helping to improve public policy-making and more socially-inclusive development, through a range of institutions including Proantioquia, Fedesarrollo, Consejo Privado de la Competitividad, Empresarios por la Educación, Consejo de Empresarios por la Paz, Consejo Empresarial de la Alianza del Pacifico, among many others.

In light of the above, and understanding that Mr. Bojanini’s decision obeyed his wish to dedicate himself to his personal projects, Grupo Sura´s Board of Directors would like to express their most sincere appreciation and deepest gratitude for his exemplary corporate leadership.

Finally, the Board of Directors would also like to make special mention of Mr. Bojanini’s humanistic vision and social sensibilities, which have played a crucial part in steering the Organization with its overarching purpose of creating greater well-being and more sustainable development for organizations, individuals and the public at large.