David Bojanini, CEO of Grupo SURA, is named “Multi-Latina Leader of the Year” by the magazine AméricaEconomía

​ During the VI Multi-Latina Forum, held in Chile by the AméricaEconomía Media Group, David Bojanini, CEO of Grupo SURA, received this award for his business leadership throughout the region. ​This year´s ceremony also featured the "Multi-Latina of the Year" and the "Multi-Latina Track Record" awards, which were presented to Grupo Bimbo and Falabella respectively.   Santiago, 20 October 2016 - The VI Multi-Latina Forum staged under the banner "The Multi-Latinas In a World of Profound Change" organized by the AméricaEconomía Media Group in Santiago de Chile was attended by renowned Latin American entrepreneurs including the CEO of Grupo SURA, David Bojanini, who received the "Multi-Latina Leader" award for the important role he has played in the regional business arena over the past few years. Elias Selman, Chairman and Founder of AméricaEconomía Media Group, made special mention of the role Mr. Bojanini has played in the Group´s expansion, which began back in 2011, and still continues at a firm pace today with the recent purchase of the Latin American operations that previously belonged to the RSA Insurance Group by Grupo Sura´s insurance subsidiary Suramericana S.A.. Mr. Bojanini also received praise for his firm commitment to social development as well as to a responsible business management from the economic, social and environmental standpoints, which has led to his Company being included for the sixth year running in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. His leadership skills in promoting greater financial integration throughout the region, as part of the Pacific Alliance, also received special mention as one of the key attributes that AmericaEconomia´s panel of judges, made up of journalists, editors and senior executives, took into account upon granting this award. Upon receiving this award, David Bojanini stated " This extends beyond a mere personal recognition to honor the efforts of an entire team endowed with the highest human and professional qualities, namely our employees throughout Latin America who now number 22,000. This award encourages us as an organization to renew our commitment to responsible business management, the primary purpose of which is to provided added value to our clients and the public at large, through the financial services and ​Insurance products that we provide to the Latin American people, thus enhancing their well-being and competitiveness ". Later when the "Multi-Latina of the Year" and the "Multi-Latina Business Track Record" awards went to Grupo Bimbo and Falabella respectively, Grupo SURA extended its congratulations to both companies.   About Grupo SURA Grupo de Inversiones Suramericana, the parent company of the SURA Business Group is a Latin American company listed on the Colombian Stock Exchange and registered with the ADR- Level 1 program in the United States. We are also the only company from the Latin American Diversified Financial Service Sector to be admitted to the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index, which lists companies who have become global benchmarks thanks to the best practices they have adopted from the economic, environmental and social standpoints. GRUPO SURA has two fields of investment: its core strategic interests in the financial service, insurance, pension, savings and investment sectors; and its industrial interests in the processed food, cement,  energy and infrastructure sectors.