Company Announcement

As is public knowledge, yesterday it was announced that an authorization application was
filed for a Public Tender Offer to purchase shares belonging to Grupo Nutresa S.A., this in
order to acquire a majority stake in said Company. Regarding this request, which must still
await the approval of the Colombian Superintendency of Finance (Superintendencia
Financiera de Colombia - SFC), and as shareholders of Grupo Nutresa S.A., Grupo SURA
would like to make known the following:

• Senior Management called for a meeting of its Board of Directors as part of the Company´s
corporate governance framework, in order to determine the steps to be taken in the face of
the potential offer thus submitted, taking into account the Company´s status as a shareholder
of Grupo Nutresa S.A.

• The Board of Directors appointed the Grupo SURA´s Chief Executive Officer or whoever
he should so appoint for this purpose, as the only authorized spokespersons to refer to the
aforementioned tender offer.

In the event that authorization is granted by the Colombian Superintendency of Finance for
the tender offer in question, and for the purpose of deciding on whether to accept such, we
shall be requesting more detailed information as required, taking into consideration, among
other factors, matters such as the corresponding price, strategic analysis, an environmental,
social and governance (ESG) evaluation, together with the implications for all the
stakeholders involved.