Colombian Stock Exchange awards IR Seal to Grupo SURA for its good practices in investor relations

Colombian Stock Exchange (bvc) delivered for the seventh consecutive year to Grupo SURA the IR Issuer Recognition (Investor Relation), which highlights the good practices of information disclosure and relationship with its investors.

This evaluation is carried out by the bvc together with the College of Higher Studies of Administration (CESA) and assesses aspects such as:

- Existence of an official and efficient channel for investor relations.

- Disclosure of additional information required by law, both in English and Spanish, easily accessible on the corporate website.

- Publication of quarterly results in detail.

- Possibility to directly discuss the results of the Company with investors and other interest groups, through spaces such as market calls, events and visits.

In the case of Grupo SURA, the IR Seal highlights the level of detail of our quarterly results, compared to other issuers, and the spaces we create and lead to share with different types of investors.

This IR Seal motivates the Company to continue working on sustainably managing relations with an interest group as relevant as our shareholders and the investing public; while consolidating our Ethics and Corporate Governance System; as well as the different communication and interaction channels to deliver reliable and timely information, with high quality standards.