Colombia signs an agreement governing the co -development of vaccines using mRNA technology

Providence Therapeutics Holdings, VaxThera and the Colombian Ministry of Health and Social Protection signed an agreement for the co -development of vaccines using  mRNA technology in Colombia.

One of the main opportunities left by the COVID-19 pandemic in Latin America was to strengthen the transfer of knowledge  for developing the scientific and technological means for addressing emerging infectious diseases.

Understanding this necessity, VaxThera and the Colombian Ministry of Health and Social Protection , in alliance with the Canadian company Providence Therapeutics Holdings Inc, which is recognized throughout the world for producing vaccines and therapies for treating infectious diseases and cancer, entered into an agreement that shall allow Colombia to become a biotechnological center for the Latin American vaccine and biological market.

“This agreement shall meet the country´s needs in terms of preventing and opportunely treating infectious diseases, in addition to positioning the skills and scientific talent that Colombia has to offer," stated Jorge Emilio Osorio, Chief Executive Officer and founder of VaxThera.

The aim of this agreement is to provide training for VaxThera´s human talent as well as for transferring mRNA technology for producing vaccines, this same technology is being used by the pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and Moderna. Likewise, the production, finishing and distribution of a high-quality vaccine to combat coronavirus and other diseases will continue .

"Signing this agreement in Colombia fills us with joy, since our goal as a company is to bring new mRNA vaccines to patients in need around the world and help fight COVID-19, as well as other diseases," commented Brad Sorenson, CEO of Providence Therapeutics.

By 2023, VaxThera shall have his own biotechnological  research center here in Colombia, that will have the highest standards of innovation and care for developing vaccines and biologicals for which we expect to be able to produce up to 100 million doses per year.

About VaxThera
VaxThera is a Colombian company dedicated to researching and developing biologicals for preventing and treating diseases so that Latin America may gain greater independence in terms of biologicals thereby guaranteeing health security throughout the region, by developing and producing vaccines . VaxThera first came into being thanks to the joint efforts of both SURA and researchers worldwide who are amply recognized in the field of biotechnology and human health . The Company this led by a team of staff with more than 30 years of experience in researching and developing biologicals.