Clarification on the acceptance percentages corresponding to the tender offer for Grupo SURA shares*

Grupo de Inversiones Suramericana S.A, ("Grupo SURA"), with the aim of offering its shareholders and the stock market complete, timely and truthful information regarding the acceptance process for the tender offer submitted by the company JGDB S.A.S. (the offer), we would like to make the following clarifications regarding the information published today by certain media:

1. The only official source for consulting the number of acceptances received daily is the newsletter published on the web page of the Colombian Stock Exchange (BVC), which can be consulted by clicking on the following link .

2. Consequently, at December 30, based on the information published in the BVC newsletter, the total number of acceptances received is equivalent to a total of 1,648,693 shares, which represents 0.35% of Grupo SURA ́s outstanding ordinary shares and NOT 1.1%, as otherwise reported. The latter number corresponds to a calculation of the total that the bidder intends to acquire. For greater clarity, we include the corresponding image taken from the official newsletter published today1:


3. We therefore would like to invite our shareholders to consult the BVC newsletter, which is published daily in the afternoon hours and where they can find all the official information regarding the offer acceptance process.


1 Taken from the BVC newslette on December 30, 2021.

4. Likewise, we urge certain media to provide the market accurate and truthful information, so as to avoid distorting the data that shareholders need to make informed decisions. Otherwise, thesekind of inaccuracies affect the confidence of both domestic and international investors with regard to how the Colombian stock market operates.

5. Likewise, Grupo SURA calls on the oversight authorities so that, in accordance with the principles established in Law 964 of 2005, they shall exercise their function of preserving the proper functioning, fairness, transparency, discipline and integrity of our stock market; and carry out all the necessary measures so that it is provided with timely, complete and accurate information.

6. Finally, we would like to reiterate that in exercising our duties as a company participating in the Colombian public securities market, we shall take all necessary measures to ensure that Grupo SURA's shareholders are able to access complete, truthful and timely information so as to allow them to make informed decisions regarding their investments.

*This free translation is for illustration purposes only. The Información Relevante published in Spanish on December 30, 2021 is the official version.

About Grupo SURA
Grupo de Inversiones Suramericana -Grupo SURA- is an investment management corporation focused on building and developing a well- balanced portfolio based on a long-term vision, whose main focus is the financial services industry. We are also the holding company of the SURA-Bancolombia Financial Conglomerate, with a presence spanning a total of 11 countries in Latin America where it provides its financial services, namely insurance, pensions, savings, investment, asset management and banking, through its subsidiaries Suramericana and SURA Asset Management, as well as in its role as the main (non-controlling) shareholder of Bancolombia. The Company is listed on the Colombian Stock Exchange (BVC) and is also registered with the ADR- Level 1 program in the United States. It is also the only Latin American company from the Diversified Financial Services sector to be admitted to the Dow Jones World Sustainability Index (DJSI), which tracks companies who have become global benchmarks thanks to the good practices they have adopted from the economic, environmental and social standpoints. The Company also holds investments in other industries namely in Grupo Nutresa (processed foods) and Grupo Argos (cement, energy and highway and airport concessions).