​ With the participation of our golfing clients in Mexico, Uruguay, Chile, Peru and Colombia, the final round of the SURA Golf Tour was held on the Karibana golf course. ​ The winning trophies were presented by David Bojanini, Chief Executive Officer of Grupo SURA and Andres Castro, Chief Executive Officer of SURA Asset Management.   Medellin, March 15, 2016 - With the successful participation of 60 golfing clients throughout the region, the final round of the SURA Golf Tour sponsored by SURA Asset Management took place at the Karibana golf course in Cartagena. The leading Latin American pension fund, savings and investment management company, invited all those clients who had won their local tournaments in Mexico, Uruguay, Chile and Peru to this final round that took place in such a privileged setting. The tournament´s closing award ceremony was attended by the senior management of both Grupo SURA and its subsidiaries, including David Bojanini, Chief Executive Officer of Grupo SURA and Andres Castro, Chief Executive Officer of SURA Asset Management. The winners were Nicholas Teuten of Uruguay, in the overall gross category, Werner Lagies of Chile in the men´s net category and Denisse Schwamenhoffer, also from Chile in the ladies´ net category. All three have automatically qualified for the next stage of the SURA Golf Tour.   Montevideo was the first city to host this tournament, followed by Santiago de Chile, Lima and Mexico City. More than 100 players per city participated in this event and five golf coaching and promo programs which benefited from the contributions made by SURA Asset Management in each of the aforementioned countries. In the case of Colombia, the Colombian Golf Federation received a donation from SURA Asset Management for its Young People´s Golf Academy. The SURA Golf Tour is an event organized by SURA Asset Management for its clients in all those countries where present, with the aim of coming together to enjoy a healthy sporting activity and experience values such as respect and honesty.   About SURA Asset Management SURA Asset Management is a Latin American Pension, Savings and Investment Fund Management firm in Mexico, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay and El Salvador. Besides being a subsidiary of Grupo SURA, the Company has four minority shareholders, namely, the International Finance Corporation (IFC), member of the World Bank Group, Grupo Bolívar, Bancolombia, and Grupo Wiese. In December 2015, it held a total of USD 103.1 billion in assets under management belonging to its 17.3 million customers. * Client and AUM data includes AFP Protection in Colombia and AFP Crecer in El Salvador, where SURA AM holds a significant but not a controlling stake.​​