BRC Ratings – S&P Global ratified its “AAA” rating as awarded to our subsidiary Suramericana

BRC Ratings - S&P Global maintained Suramericana's 'AAA' rating for the eighth consecutive year, as well as that of its ordinary bonds worth COP 1 trillion. This Company which belongs to our investment portfolio specializes in insurance and trend and risk management with operations in 9 Latin American countries.

"This recognition, for the eighth consecutive year, is the result of a strategic commitment in which we have always sought to create value and serve both people and companies in Latin America, through new businesses that are able to adapt to the new realities and contexts of the countries in which we operate", stated Juan Fernando Uribe, Suramericana's Chief Finance and Investments Officer.

This rating agency made special mention of our subsidiary having an effective diversification of its different lines of business and marketing channels, while highlighting the quality of its management and strategic focus. It also underscored the strength of the Seguros SURA's insurance companies in the Colombian market, that commanded a share of almost 20.8% at the end of March 2023.

"It is gratifying to see the trust shown by the Latin American people in choosing us. A trust that is also reflected in this rating. This commits us all to continuing with the dedicated work of our teams throughout the region, in order to respond in an assertive and innovative fashion to the loyalty shown by our clients", concluded Juan Pablo Loureiro, Suramericana´s Chief Regional Insurance Officer.