A good level of operating performance and an extended portfolio of investments are just two of the main results reported by Grupo SURA at the end of Q3 2015

​ •  The Company's assets on a YTD basis came to COP 54.5 billion, (USD 17.7 billion) showing a growth of 14.0% thanks to new additions to its portfolio of investments. •  Consolidated revenues rose by 12.3% to COP 10.0 billion (USD 3.2 billon) showing a good level of operating performance on the part of Grupo SURA's subsidiaries thanks to higher premiums and commission income. •  Net income continued to be affected by non-recurring items and certain specific factors, much the same as during the first half of the year, reaching COP 1,1 billion (USD 358.4 million) on a YTD basis, for a decline of 37.9% with respect to the same period last year. •  Also during Q3 2015, Grupo SURA was readmitted to the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index for the fifth year running, being the only Latin American company from the Diversified Financial Services and Capital Markets sector to do so. Medellin- Colombia November 27, 2015.  Today Grupo SURA presented its results for the third quarter of 2015 under International Financial Reporting Standards -IFRS. As during the first half of the year, the Company's results in financial terms continued to be affected by the non-recurring effects of the changeover to IFRS, as well as certain specific economic factors such as the amount of wealth tax due in Colombia, the exchange rate and the sluggish performance of the capital markets. These latest figures included COP 10.0 billion (USD 3.2 billion) in consolidated revenues for a growth of 12.3%, thanks to a good level of operating performance that Grupo SURA's subsidiaries continued to report, driven by the growth in premiums obtained by its insurance companies and higher commission income from its Pension Fund Management firms. Another important highlight was a 14.0% growth compared to year-end 2014 in consolidated assets which came to COP 54.5 billion (USD 17.7 billion). This was mainly due to having extended the Group´s portfolio with important acquisitions that included Seguros Banistmo in Panama and a greater stake in SURA Asset Management, as part of the Group´s ongoing regional expansion and diversification strategy. On the other hand, net income on a YTD basis came to COP 1.1 billion (USD 358.4 million, for a decline of 37.9%. This continued to be affected by non-recurring factors such as the changeover to IFRS, since whereas last year the Company posted dividends declared and paid by our related companies for a total of COP 338.675 million (USD 109.7 million), this year, these same companies were subject to a different accounting treatment, namely the equity method. Net income was also affected by the amount of wealth tax due which came to COP 101,078 million (USD 32.7 million). If we were to eliminate the effects of both the aforementioned factors, the Company would have posted a 16.3% drop in its net income, this due to certain economic factors such as market volatility and the rising exchange rate. Similarly, the equity attributable to the shareholders of Grupo SURA came to COP 23.1 billion (USD 7.5 billion), showing an increase of 3.9%. David Bojanini , CEO of Grupo SURA, stated that  "we believe that, on the whole, and besides the current situation affecting the markets, we had a positive third quarter, especially since we were able to expand our portfolio with new acquisitions and increased stakes in our strategic businesses as we continue to make firm progress with our regional expansion and consolidation strategy.. We are becoming increasingly more "MultiLatin" thanks to a greater degree of diversification and our ability to provide a comprehensive range of products in each of the countries where we are present. This indeed creates added value for us all." With regard to subsidiary operating performance for this past quarter, it is to be noted that Suramericana S.A. acquired the Latin American assets belonging to RSA Insurance Group plc for a total value of GBP 403 million, that is to say COP 1,910,750 million (USD 614 million). Suramericana has already embarked on the corresponding transition period and is currently awaiting the corresponding authorizations to be issued in each of the corresponding countries, which include Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay as well as complementing the Company's domestic operations with RSA´s interests in Colombia. On an operating level, Suramericana S.A., Grupo Sura´s insurance and risk management subsidiary posted a 16.1% increase in written premiums for a total of COP 4.1 billion (USD 1.3 billon), with the branches of Group Life and Car Insurance rising by 18.6% and 24.5% respectively thanks to more favorable competitive conditions. On the other hand, SURA Asset Management, the Group´s pension, savings and investment subsidiary, obtained COP 3.6 billion (USD 1,180.1 million) in consolidated revenues for a YTD growth of 26.3%, along with COP 316.8 billion (USD 102.6 billion) in Assets Under Management for a growth of 7.4%, excluding the exchange rate effect, thereby demonstrating the Company's leadership of the regional pension market. As opportunely reported at the time, Grupo SURA purchased JP Morgan's interest in SURA Asset Management, thereby extending its stake from 67.1% to 71.4% in said company, this as part of its overarching purpose to continue to strengthen its portfolio of strategic investments. After announcing the acquisitions of RSA and the stake held by JP Morgan, the international rating agency, Standard & Poor's confirmed its intention of maintaining Grupo SURA's rating of BBB with a Stable Outlook, given the quality of the Company's portfolio. Finally during Q3, 2015, it was announced that Grupo SURA was readmitted for the fifth year running to the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index, being the only Latin American company from Diversified Financial Service and Capital Markets sector to do so. Changeover to IFRS: Now that it is reporting its results under IFRS, the following relationships between Grupo SURA and the companies that make up its portfolio, shall from hereonafter be understood as follows: Subsidiaries are those where Grupo SURA holds more than a 50% stake (mainly Sura Asset Management and Suramericana) and the financial performance of both are recorded on the parent company´s financial statements on a consolidated basis. Related companies are those in which Grupo SURA holds stakes of between 20% and 50% (Bancolombia, Grupo Argos, Grupo Nutresa and Protección, the latter through SURA Asset Management) Revenues from these companies were previously recorded in the form of dividends declared by these same whereas these are now recognized under the equity method.