Our subsidiary Suramericana (Seguros SURA) carried out with the Financial Superintendence of Colombia the Second College of Supervisors, an event that brought together delegates from the supervisory bodies of the insurance industry in Chile, El Salvador, Mexico, Panama, Uruguay and the Dominican Republic.

David Bojanini, President of Grupo SURA, and Gonzalo Pérez, President of our subsidiary Suramericana, led the meeting that also included the participation of Jorge Castaño Gutiérrez, Financial Superintendent of Colombia.

In this space, issues related to risk management and its control were analyzed, from the internal audit units, emphasizing information security risk management. We also discussed best practices in cybersecurity, development and backtesting (testing a predictive model in data) to face cyber threats.

In addition, the authorities learned about strategic issues of the Company as its evolution towards flexible organizations, adding to the strengthening of the relationship of trust with said regulators. This will enable more conversations between the Organization and the control entities in each country where it has a presence.

The Colleges of Supervisors aim to exchange information and cooperation, in addition to supporting the effective supervision of international financial groups, thus reinforcing mutual trust and regional vision in the face of risks.

The Third College of Supervisors will be held next year in Medellín (Colombia), and will have two thematic areas: innovation in the insurance and cybersecurity industry.