On Saturday, September 29, more than 3,000 volunteers, including employees of the SURA Business Group, family and friends, met at Sumando Voluntades, an activity held in 23 cities in 10 Latin American countries, where we are present.

This regional volunteering activity led by Fundación SURA and that reaches its third edition, was carried out simultaneously in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Mexico, Panama, Peru, the Dominican Republic and Uruguay, to help improve the learning conditions of more than 16,000 children.

"The employees of SURA renew our voluntary commitment by dedicating a day of their free time to improve the educational conditions of children, so that they have renewed training environments that represent well-being for them. We celebrate the enthusiasm, dedication and commitment with which we all relate", said David Bojanini, CEO of Grupo SURA.

Volunteers who participated in Sumando Voluntades, carried out activities such as planting gardens, garbage collection and renovation of classrooms with decoration, provision of school furniture and other improvements. Some of the teachers of the 29 educational institutions of the region chosen for this day also joined this day.

"We are very happy that so many people are linked to transform education and improve the educational practices of our children Infinite thanks to SURA for all the support", said Dora Elena López, a teacher at Benjamin Herrera Educational Institution, in Medellin(Colombia).

Sitting on either side of long work tables covered by tools for woodworking and painting, words of support and guidance emerged to undertake trades that some volunteers were trying for the first time. Some offered to install hardware and screws for guns chairs, others became gardeners to adapt the land for an orchard and some proved their skills as carpenters. The longing for joy the surprise that children would receive, inspired the participants of this day to give their best to transform these educational institutions.

Scenes like these were repeated in all countries. For example, in El Salvador, Rodrigo Choriego, family member of one of our collaborators, commented at the end of the day: "The experience was very positive and enriching, not only because of the opportunity to share with more people, also because of being able to be empathic and help the community".

Sumando Voluntades is a journey that allows the connection of people from different countries of Latin America, so that they can unite for the transformation of the environment and build new social realities, driven by the spirit of solidarity and social commitment of the SURA volunteers.

"One of the main lines of our corporate responsibility strategy seeks to contribute to improving the quality of our children's education. With this activity we renew this commitment, at the same time we promote teamwork among our collaborators, because we are volunteers from only one region: Latin America", said María Mercedes Barrera Tobar, Corporate Responsibility Manager of Grupo SURA.

Different moments of the day were shared on social networks with the hashtags #SumandoVoluntades and #SoyVoluntarioSURA, and they were replicated in the corporate accounts of Grupo SURA and its subsidiaries.