Nearly 400 women gathered at the Women's Summit: our future today, held in Chile to discuss the challenges that the future presents to them in labor and social security matters.

The event, made from the collaboration alliance between SURA Asset Management Chile and Mujeres Empresarias, featured prominent panelists to discuss trends in the labor market and savings from different points of view.

The Minister of Women and Gender Equity, Carolina Cuevas, and the Undersecretary of Social Security, María José Zaldívar, agreed on the need to increase female labor participation in Chile, as well as improving the mechanisms that allow them to continue working after motherhood and save for your pension.

In Chile, female labor participation reaches only 49%, a very low figure compared to the average of the OECD countries, which reaches 61%, and with that of Latin America, which reaches 55%. "One of the main challenges we have is to promote the greater participation of women in the labor market, its integration and maintenance, because we are convinced that a better labor market today will allow us better pensions tomorrow. For many women, being able to enter the labor market is the possibility of removing their family from poverty, that is why we need to favor the access of more women to work with projects such as the Sala Cuna Universal" explained Carolina Cuevas, Minister of Women and gender equity.

María José Zaldívar, undersecretary of Social Welfare, called on the workers to be aware of the importance of the contribution, since the pension situation that each one will achieve will reflect their work reality. "The pension situation of women has us extremely worried as a government. The gap in pensions is very large in Chile, 50% of women achieve savings 68% lower than men to finance more years of life. As long as they start saving, they can improve their future and protect their well-being and that of their families", said.

Francisca Valdés, Executive Director of Mujeres Empresarias, invited the women "to be aware that our decisions today will affect our tomorrow. We can’t let life go by without being the protagonists of our savings, investment and pension decisions".

Francisco Murillo, CEO of SURA Asset Management Chile, explained that "for various reasons women save little for pensions. For this reason, at SURA we are committed to their pension situation, reducing gaps and providing them with concrete tools to make good decisions that will allow them to build a better future".

In this regard, María Inés Salamanca, director of UN Women Chile, explained that "despite the advances that have occurred in recent years in terms of economic empowerment of women, globally there are still great limitations as an excessive burden of domestic work and unpaid care, wage gap and difficulties in accessing decision-making positions, so it is necessary to put an end to these barriers so that the global economy achieves an inclusive growth that promotes gender equality ".

From the world of trends, Catalina Correia, communications director of GFK Adimark, said that to increase female participation in the world of paid work "it is necessary to perfect and expand the nursery system, as well as to support women so that have domestic help in their homes. Also move forward with flexible days and empower teleworking, so that women do not feel that they are neglecting their families".

The economist Andrea Repetto pointed out that "although there have been substantial advances by women in their incorporation into the labor market, gaps persist that are relevant. Closing these gaps would bring multiple benefits: greater autonomy and less vulnerability for themselves and their families, and greater production and equity in the country”.

Finally, the partner and founder of Tika Chips, Carolina Echenique, called on women "not to dehumanize us in this society that has been losing its values ​​and its ability to empathize. The more human one is and the more sensitive to the need of the other, the more skills he acquires to make better decisions and, above all, to create a company where an entertaining, diverse and inclusive environment is felt".