Does genetics determine our savings and consumption habits?

At the Hay Festival Queretaro, we present through our subsidiaries SURA Asset Management Mexico and Seguros SURA Mexico the renowned doctor in Cellular Genetics and Biology, Miguel Pita.

In his lecture "The dominant gene", the scientific disseminator explained how genetics is relevant in the behavior and decision making of human beings. Through a talk based on his first popular book, The Dictator DNA, he transmitted the discoveries of science in human behavior.

Miguel Pita indicated that personality is not born as a blank book, because DNA influences much more than we think. It is genetics that sets the bases that determine certain characteristics of our behavior that we can choose and modify based on other factors.

For him, in genetics there are two important trends that will have transcendental changes in society: longevity and the anticipation of diseases. On the one hand, it is estimated that people can live in the near future up to 120 years, aging will be delayed, so the great challenge of society will be the quality of life that will face these years. Regarding the anticipation of diseases, genetics now has the capacity to modify, prevent and repair diseases that it did not have before, which will modify the way in which companies will address the issue of health.

Why we don’t save?

Before questioning how genetic predisposition can influence behaviors such as saving, Pita shared that there is no 100% genetic explanation, but a biological reason. In this sense, the reason that people postpone saving is explained because this type of decisions involve obtaining a long-term benefit, known as delayed gratification, directly associated with the maturity of the brain.

However, as this body is programmed to give in to immediate pleasures, a conflict with long-term plans is generated. In this sense, the ability to postpone gratification is recent, since our biology is based on survival and reproduction instincts that conflict with rational interests. "We are facing a phenomenon that goes against the primitive instincts," said Pita.

For Adolfo Arditti, director of Customers and Brand of SURA Asset Management Mexico, science modifies societies, hence the significant and valuable that results for the Company to promote spaces for dialogue and dissemination of scientific content of social importance. "We are committed to developing the best solutions for the management of savings, investment, and insurance for our customers," he said.