Grupo SURA´s shareholders are set to receive more than COP 65 thousand in dividends in this new payment period that has just begun

02 October 2013 |
October 2, 2013. At their Annual Meeting held in March 2013, Grupo Sura´s shareholders declared an annual dividend of COP 339 for each ordinary share, payable in quarterly installments in advance of COP 84.75 each. As for the Company’s preferred shares, the Issue and Placement Prospectus for said shares stipulated an annual dividend of COP 975 for each share payable in quarterly installments in arrears of COP 243.75 each.

Three Mutual Funds managed by SURA Chile win Salmon Awards for 2015

27 April 2015 | Press Releases
For the third year running, the mutual funds managed by Administradora General de Fondo SURA received Salmon Prizes, these being Chile´s top awards for its Fund Industry given by the newspaper, Diario Financiero and LVA Indices

Grupo SURA gets off to a good start this year

26 March 2015 | Press Releases
Medellin, March 26, 2015.At their annual meeting held today in Medellin, the General Assembly of Shareholders were presented with the results and achievements obtained last year, and at the same time were informed of an encouraging start to the year for the Group´s ongoing operating performance.

Relevant Information

Decisions made at Meeting of Bond Holders - 2014 Issuance

05 May 2015 | Material Information
In compliance with current reporting requirements, Grupo de Inversiones Suramericana S.A. hereby announces that at a Deciding Meeting of Holders of Ordinary Bonds and Commercial Paper issued in 2014, the following decisions were adopted: - Alianza Fiduciaria S.A. was selected to replace Fiducor S.A as Legal Representative of all those Holders of Ordinary Bonds issued in 2014....

Amendment to Corporate By-laws

29 April 2015 | Material Information
In compliance with current reporting requirements Grupo de Inversiones Suramericana S.A. hereby announces that The Public Deed No. 441 from Notary Fourteen of Medellín, was filed in the commercial registry of the Medellin Chamber of Commerce. It formalized the amendment of the Company bylaws, previously approved by the Ordinary Shareholders Meeting held on March 26, 2015. ...

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35,020 (-0.62%)
May 22, 2015
Currency COP
34,500 (-1.20%)
May 22, 2015
Currency COP
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Since October 15th, 2008, Grupo de Inversiones Suramericana received the approval from the Securities and Exchange Commission -SEC- to begin its ADRs (American Depositary Receipts) program Level I in the OTC market of U.S.A.. For this purpose, a Deposit Agreement has been signed with the Bank of New York Mellon, the entity appointed by Suramericana as the Depositary Bank of its ADRs.

Each ADR of Grupo de Inversiones Suramericana represents two common stocks of the Company, under the “GIVSY” symbol.

1 ADR of GIVSY = 2 shares of GRUPOSURA

17,095 (2.98%)
August 12, 2014

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