Grupo SURA´s shareholders are set to receive more than COP 65 thousand in dividends in this new payment period that has just begun

02 October 2013 |
October 2, 2013. At their Annual Meeting held in March 2013, Grupo Sura´s shareholders declared an annual dividend of COP 339 for each ordinary share, payable in quarterly installments in advance of COP 84.75 each. As for the Company’s preferred shares, the Issue and Placement Prospectus for said shares stipulated an annual dividend of COP 975 for each share payable in quarterly installments in arrears of COP 243.75 each.

Suramericana provides its clients with a competitive edge through more comprehensive risk management

17 February 2015 | Press Releases
Medellin, February 17, 2015 With a clear focus on comprehensive risk management as a way of impacting the quality of life and competitiveness of our clients, Suramericana S.A., upon celebrating its 70 years of corporate life, continues to set trends in its own particular industry while maintaining its leadership of the Colombian market. It now has a total of 10 million clients in all four countries where present, becoming one of the major players in the Latin American insurance industry.

SURA launches educational materials in time for the Hay Festival Forum on Colombian indigenous culture

02 February 2015 | Press Releases
Medellin, January 30, 2015 - As part of the Tenth Annual Hay Festival, one of the world's most renowned cultural events, SURA is launching digital applications and printed textbooks which were designed as educational materials for children between the ages of 0 and 15. This material is the product of the Memory and Creativity project that the Company is sponsoring in order to create a new way of learning and getting to know more about the roots of Colombia's indigenous culture.

Relevant Information

Exclusion of Grupo SURA's shares from Latibex

18 December 2014 | Material Information
Incompliance with the duty to disclose Highlights, Grupo de Inversiones Suramericana S.A. -Grupo SURA- informs that the Company’s Board of Directors today approved and authorized senior management to proceed to exclude its shares from Latibex (the international market for Latin American Securities) hosted by the Madrid Stock Exchange, which the Company entered in early 2011.Exclusion from Latibex...

Second quarter financial results 2014

24 July 2014 | Material Information
July 24 2014 - Grupo de Inversiones Suramericana – GRUPO SURA has reported its results for Q2 2014, the most salient of which is as follows:For the first half of this year, Grupo SURA’s net profits came to COP 416,465 million (USD 221.4 million) showing an increase of 19.2% compared to the same period last year. Here it is worthwhile pointing out that net profits for last year included a non-recu...

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35,020 (1.51%)
February 26, 2015
Currency COP
35,040 (1.62%)
February 26, 2015
Currency COP
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Since October 15th, 2008, Grupo de Inversiones Suramericana received the approval from the Securities and Exchange Commission -SEC- to begin its ADRs (American Depositary Receipts) program Level I in the OTC market of U.S.A.. For this purpose, a Deposit Agreement has been signed with the Bank of New York Mellon, the entity appointed by Suramericana as the Depositary Bank of its ADRs.

Each ADR of Grupo de Inversiones Suramericana represents two common stocks of the Company, under the “GIVSY” symbol.

1 ADR of GIVSY = 2 shares of GRUPOSURA

17,095 (2.98%)
August 12, 2014

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